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CoreGamer Rapid Recharger and Movie Dock for the Sony PSP

Reviewed Fall 2006 by Marc Morgan

Many PDAs come with a cradle to recharge the PDA while it is held at a viewable angle. The PSP did not come with a cradle, but only a cable to charge the PSP. However, the PSP does have metal plates near the power port that allow for a dock to charge the PSP. CoreGamer has released the Rapid Charger and Movie Stand, which uses these plates to charge the PSP, while the PSP is held at an angle that allows easy viewing of the screen.

CoreGamer PSP Movie Stand

The stand is not too big, as it is slightly wider than the PSP, and it is long enough that it can hold the PSP in an upright position without toppling over. It fits the PSP perfectly, so when the PSP is placed inside, it does not wiggle around or fall over. Overall, the stand is the perfect size for a PSP cradle.

The Rapid Charger and Movie Stand not only holds your PSP, but also charges it. On the back of the stand, there is a power port where you plug in the AC adapter that came with the PSP. Once the AC adapter is plugged in, all you need to do is put the PSP into the stand, and it will start to charge. On the left and right of the front of the stand, there are lights that indicate the PSP is charging. Since the stand holds the PSP at about an 80 degree angle, the PSP screen is easily viewable so you can watch movies, browse the web, etc. without having to hold the PSP in your hands.

Like many other accessories available for the PSP, the stand follows the PSP’s design. The majority of the stand is black, and on the front of the case there is a band of the silver color that is found on the PSP. This band goes between the two charging indicator lights. The front of the stand basically has the same look as the top of the PSP. When the PSP is charging, the lights on the front glow blue, which is a very nice effect. Overall, since the stand follows the same style as the PSP, it matches perfectly with the PSP.


If you want a dock/stand for your PSP, the CoreGamer Rapid Charger and Movie stand does the job perfectly. Because it uses the metal contacts on the bottom of the PSP for charging, it is easy to put the PSP in the stand and take it out. Since it uses the charging cable that came with the PSP, you do not need to worry about getting more adapters. The charging indicator lights on the front of the stand are a great idea, and provide a neat blue glowing effect. The stand also holds the PSP at the perfect angle for movie viewing, web browsing, etc. Lastly, since the stand matches the style of the PSP, you don’t need to worry about it not looking good. Overall, the stand is a good investment if you want a stand that provides cradle functionality.

Price: $9.99

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