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The Logitech PlayGear Pocket Case for the Sony PSP

Reviewed August 2005, by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor

Logitech is a powerhouse in making accessories for mobile, computing and gaming industries. Even before the Sony PSP was released in the US, we saw the demos of several PSP accessories showcased at the Game Developers Conference by Logitech, we knew we had to get them. The PlayGear Pocket case for the PSP not only provides very good protection for your gaming machine, it also makes a fashion statement.

Logitech PlayGear PSP case

To design a case with style that matches the beauty and strength of the Sony PSP can be a challenge. The PlayGear Pocket met that challenge with a bold yet stylish design that will make you proud to show off your PSP dressed in this case. The PlayGear Pocket is solidly constructed in clear polycarbonate plastic shell with black rubber lining on the inside. The polycarbonate material will provide the maximum protection to your PSP while the inside liner will prevent scratches to the PSP surface and absorb the shock from bumps and shakes when carrying the PSP in a backpack. You will find a small white Logitech logo stamped on the lid of the case and a round cutout in the black rubber lining on the bottom cover to show off the PSP branding through the translucent case. The lid domes out slightly and the bottom cover curves on both left and right to match the curved design on the PSP. All edges on the Logitech case are rounded to make the case comfy to carry.

The Sony PSP fits in the case perfectly, and thanks to the rubber lining, the PSP won't move around while in the case nor will any buttons be pushed accidentally. When the lid is open, all ports and buttons are exposed for easy access except the UMD on the back. When the case is closed, you will find the four corners of the PSP along with the Power on/off and hold buttons exposed. This means you can charge the PSP and listen to music via headphones while the unit is stored in the case. The PlayGear Pocket shuts securely when closed and you can open the case by pushing a small lip lever to release the latches.

The lid and bottom cover are connected via a strong hinge that's designed to use the case as a stand for the PSP as well. The lid can rotate 270 degrees to form the stand that is stable for the PSP to sit in at a 45 degree angle while you watch a movie. You can also play games while the PSP is in the case, though it does add about 6 oz. of weight. If you are likely to play games in outdoor environment, the lid will come in handy as a visor to block sunlight.


If you are looking for a case that provides maximum protection for the PSP, the Logitech PlayGear Pocket should be on your short list. It gives your PSP the protection it needs without subtracting the style. The case gives you easy access to all ports and buttons and can be used as a desk stand. The quality is top notch and it's reasonably priced.

Price: $19.99 with 2-year limited warranty

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