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Switching from Palm to Pocket PC, Blow by Blow: Switching from the palmOne Tungsten T3 to the Dell Axim X50v:

Part 1 How to get PIM data transferred, comparison of MS Office document handling and more
Part 2
Memory differences, syncing comparison, fonts and offline reader comparisons
Part 3 Stablility, 3rd party PIM applications, registry cleaning and Today screens
Part 4 Installing the Dell Axim X50 ROM update, comparing the update, syncing, backup and card file systems
Part 5 Just how many programs can you run at once? WiFi speeds on Pocket PC, Palm Emulators for Windows Mobile
Part 6 Looking at native VGA and VGA hacks, differences in battery charging times and the best PDA discussion forums on the Net
Part 7 The Finale. A blow-by-blow comparison of major features and facets of each platform such as networking, display, Bluetooth, WiFi and customizability.

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