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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Pocket PC games (also available for Windows Mobile Smartphone and Symbian Series 60)

Atlantis Redux by Tetraedge Games, Price: $24.95
Reviewed November 2004 by Marc Morgan

For those of you who are familiar with BeyondAtlantis II on the PC, Atlantis Redux will look very familiar. Ported to the Pocket PC by Tetraedge Games, Atlantis Redux takes up a whopping 120 MB of memory, and requires a recent Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 2003 SE and a 400 MHz Xscale Processor.

You are a female archeologist who has information that leads her to believe there are ancient Egyptian ruins in the Hoggar desert. You move from the desert to strange areas with Egyptian pyramids and temples. Right at the start of the game, you can tell the game will be filled with mystical worlds and puzzles. The whole game is filled with mind-bending puzzles to keep you entertained. You may even ask other people that you know for help while you play Atlantis Redux and it may even become a good conversation topic for you to use. In other words, some of these puzzles are hard, and may become frustrating, but they make the game more fun to play. All of this adds up to many hours of play, so you get what you paid for. There are plenty of characters in the game, and I think there are enough to make the game entertaining, while not too many so the game is not confusing. All of the characters have different personalities, some are good and some are bad. All of the characters help to move the game along, for the better, or for the worse.

The controls in Atlantis Redux were easy to get used to. You could either tap on the left or the right side of the screen to turn left or right, or you could use the left or right D-Pad buttons. Pressing down on the D-Pad brought up the inventory menu, and so did the second button from the bottom of the handheld. The button on the bottom of the handheld brings up the menu. If you press the up button, it will do the action that is pictured in the center of your screen. You can also tap on the action pictured in the center of your screen. Some examples of the actions are moving forward, talking, using items, and picking up an item.

One of the best features in the game is its spectacular graphics. During all of the videos, the graphics will blow you away. Also, the other graphics in the game are done very well. When the characters talk, their mouths move, and there is expression. All the scenery is done well, and is appealing to the eye. The action symbols that are necessary for you to play the game are easy to comprehend, even if you don’t read the instructions. Unfortunately, the website says that it is not a VGA game, but it will run on VGA devices for all you proud VGA device owners. There is plenty of color in the game and there is shading, etc. All the characters are 3D also. The game uses a 360-degree view, so when you turn left or right, it is a continuation of what you were seeing before. In other words, if you took pictures of each screen when you turned, they would all connect to each other, in a circle, like a puzzle. If you want a game with stunning graphics, this is the game for you!

Not only does Atlantis Redux feature breathtaking graphics, the sounds and music in the game are great, too. Everywhere you go, there is music and sound effects. The music compliments what is happening in the game and the mood. Also, there are characters with voices. Voices!!! I have never played a Pocket PC game that features characters with voices. Not only are there voices, but they are also synchronized with the character’s expression and mouth movements. There is also music, sound effects, and voices during the videos, making the stunning graphics come together with great sound, and creating a masterpiece.

Atlantis Redux is a simply amazing game that could keep you on your Pocket PC for hours at a time. It combines stunning graphics, amazing sounds, music, and a great storyline into one package. This game is perfect for you if you either like puzzles, a good adventure game, or both. It is also good for you even if you only play a game every once and a while. The amount of space it takes up is overwhelming, and I think that this game would make a great candidate to be sold on a SD/CF memory card. Atlantis Redux should be nominated for an award, and Tetraedge deserves it!

Playing tips and hints:

  • Check out Gamefaqs for a walkthrough on Beyond Atlantis II, the PC version of Atlantis Redux.
  • Always check your inventory for items that may assist you during puzzles. You will usually need to use items during a puzzle.
  • Make sure to save a lot to make sure you don’t lose any progress you make.
  • Listen to (or read) conversations carefully; they might contain important hints and tips on what you need to do.



screen shot


screen shot


Pocket PC

MS Smartphone



Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):


The graphics in Atlantis Redux are the best graphics that I’ve ever seen in a Pocket PC game.


The sound effects and music in the game were great, and the characters had voice-overs; a rare thing to find in a Pocket PC game.

Fun Meter

This game is really fun, especially if you’re into adventure games. It is rare that such a good adventure is brought to the Pocket PC platform.


This game was a little hard to get into, but is fun to play once you get into the game and the storyline.



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