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Egyptian Prophecy

By Tetraedge, Price: $24.94
Platform: Pocket PC

Review posted February 2006 by Marc Morgan

Tetraedge is the developer behind the graphical marvel Atlantis Redux, and now they have released Egyptian Prophecy, a game that will bring you back to the times in Egypt when Ramses II ruled the land.

Ramses II is dying, and if he dies, the glory of Egypt will too. The Sun God has promised the people of Egypt to extend Ramses’ life if the people build the most beautiful temple ever. However, the building of the temple is hindered by a series of strange events. You play the role of Maia, a priestess who has to solve the mystery to save Ramses II.

Like Atlantis Redux, Egyptian Prophecy has a 3D world for you to explore. However, you can now look everywhere. You can turn around; look up and down, etc. which gives the effect of really being there. Like in Atlantis Redux, there are symbols whenever there is a possible action available. An arrow is used to represent moving forward, lips are used to represent talking, a gear represents doing an action to whatever the gear is on, and a hand is used to show that you can pick up an item. There is also an inventory bar that is activated by pressing button 1 on your Pocket PC. On the left of the inventory bar, the items you have picked up are shown. On the right, your magic powers are shown. You can drag and drop items in the inventory, so if you need to give something in your inventory to someone, just drag it out of the inventory, and onto the person. That is all you will need to know to navigate the world of Egyptian Prophecy. Like Atlantis Redux, there are mind-boggling puzzles that you will need to solve. These definitely make the game more difficult, however they can be very fun to solve. Through the game, you will also visit many locations, including Karnak, Memphis, and Aswan. You will also encounter some of the Egyptian Gods, such as Osris, Ptah, and Isis. Egyptian Prophecy is not only filled with great puzzles, but has an awesome storyline to keep you entertained.

The controls are very simple to master. To look around, you can either move the D-Pad on your Pocket PC in the direction you want to look, or tap the edge of the screen that correlates to the direction you want to look. When there is a possible action displayed in the cursor in the centre of the screen, just tap the cursor to do the action. To bring up the inventory, press button 1, this should be the bottom button on your Pocket PC. If you want to save or exit, go to the inventory, tap the button in the centre of the inventory, and either save or exit the game. The controls are fairly straightforward, and can easily be learned via trial and error. ;)

Like Atlantis Redux, the graphics in Egyptian Prophecy are simply breathtaking. Everything is in 3D, the environments are designed well, and best of all, you can turn around, look up and down, etc. so it really feels like you are a part of the game. In Atlantis Redux, you could look left and right, but it was basically changing from one picture to another. In Egyptian Prophecy, you can look around smoothly using the D-Pad, which really adds a lot to the game. There are also cut scenes, which are just as beautiful as in Atlantis Redux. Overall, the graphics in Egyptian Prophecy are stunning, and the 3D effect is definitely an awesome feature of the game.

In Egyptian Prophecy, there is music, sound effects, and character voices. The music is high-quality, and definitely fits the ancient Egyptian theme. There aren’t many sound effects, but when there are, they are definitely fitting. Like Atlantis Redux, Egyptian Prophecy features characters with voices in all dialogue. This is an excellent feature that isn’t found in many Pocket PC games! Just like the graphics, the audio in the game is of great quality.

Every feature of Egyptian Prophecy makes the game worth every penny that it costs. The storyline will keep you greatly entertained as will the puzzles. The graphics are of a very high caliber, and the 3D effect is definitely groundbreaking. The audio is just as high-quality as the other aspects of the game as well. In fact, the only possible bad feature of the game would be its huge size! It takes up a whopping 210MB of space! However, this is understandable because of the amazing quality of the game.

Tips and Hints

• Make sure to pay good attention to all the cut scenes and conversations, as they may contain important details.
• Explore new areas a little to get to know the surroundings.
• Since this is a port of Egyptian Prophecy for the PC, you can use walkthroughs from sites like GameFAQs.


Screen shots:

screen shot


screen shot




Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics rating dragon

The graphics in Egyptian Prophecy are in a league of their own! They are simply stunning, and the areas are designed beautifully as well.

Sound rating dragonrating dragonrating dragonrating dragonrating dragon

Just like the graphics, the sound is awesome. The music corresponds very well with whatever area you are in, and there are character voices, which are not often in Pocket PC games.

Fun Meter rating dragonrating dragonrating dragonrating dragonrating dragon

With a great storyline, and mind-bending puzzles, Egyptian Prophecy is sure to keep you entertained for a while!

Addictivity rating dragonrating dragonrating dragonrating dragonrating dragon

The storyline and puzzles in Egyptian Prophecy are sure to keep you addicted until the end of the game!

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