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MicroCircuit by Viex Games, $7.95
Reviewed May 2005 by Korey Marciniak

MicroCircuit's gameplay is alien at first. You watch as a car leaves its station and begins to drive down the angular roads set before it. You then watch as the car comes to a stop, and another car leaves a few seconds behind it. A moment of clarity hits and you tap the roadblock letting the first car through. The concept seems simplistic, but MicroCircuit is gaming in the purest sense. There is nothing in MicroCircuit to confuse you, no overcomplicated control schemes, and not a weapon upgrade in sight. Gameplay like this is often overlooked nowadays, and MicroCircuit proves that simpler is always better.

Viex Games has kept the simplicity with the controls perfectly. You use the stylus to control everything. Although I wouldn't have minded being able to use the hard keys, you can't really fault the system MicroCircuit uses. The designers had the forethought to let you start on any level you've completed, and you can pause and resume at any point during play.

Graphics in the game are just like the rest of the game: simple. The cars look like a throwback to games like Spyhunter, and the tracks look like roads without too much to them. I almost wish it were more detailed, but it would most likely get in the way. MicroCircuit doesn't raise the bar in this department, but if you're looking for a PDA game to tickle your sensory perceptions then you best look somewhere else. That being said, the game looks clean. The game is easy to view, and although not stunning it does look good.

Viex Games continues the theme to the sound, but here is where it is a bit of a failing. The sound effects are not incredibly pleasing, and there is no music to speak of. The sound effects are all appropriate to the subject matter, but they are best left muted with your MP3 player on in the background.

Overall I would say the game is good. For $7.95 you get a puzzle game to rival some of the bigger names. There is a track maker on the site, and Viex Games already has a level pack available for download. It's a fantastic value for the money, and it really can't be beat. I will warn any possible buyers that the original game levels are very difficult after about level three. The free add-on pack provides a much smoother difficulty curve, and I recommend trying that first.

Playing Hint and Tips

There is nothing to the game really. Try to pace yourself, and keeping a few cars moving through at once will get you farther than trying to move one at a time.

screen shot

Pocket PC




Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):


The graphics are simple, but simplicity is good.


The sound effects are appropriate, but nothing exceptional.

Fun Meter

It's fun, and the track maker makes it a lot more fun.


Plenty of replay value, after the initial 10-minute learning curve you will find yourself playing it more often than you probably should at work.

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