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Stuntcar Extreme by Fathammer Price: $19.95
Reviewed February 2005 by Marc Morgan

There aren’t many racing games available for Palm and Pocket PC, and most of them don’t have a storyline. Stuntcar Extreme changes this. Stuntcar Extreme features a “tongue in cheek” storyline, with many characters to make the game interesting. Stuntcar Extreme features 6 tracks, and 20 cars to unlock to keep you busy. Unlike most racing games, Stuntcar Extreme is about the stunt points you earn, not money.

There are three modes of gameplay in Stuntcar Extreme: Quick Race, Championship, and Multiplayer. Championship mode, unlike other games, has the story in it. You will have to start off by doing the “Friday Race Event” to earn stunt points; otherwise the other characters will not race you. To get a lot of stunt points, collect the letters scattered around the tracks to get stunt multipliers when you do stunts. If you tap on a character, you can either race them for points, or race them for their car. If you have the stunt points, they will race you, however, you will have to accomplish certain goals such as winning the Friday Race Event three times, or having a certain amount of stunt points to be able to challenge them for their cars. Racing the other characters is the only way to unlock cars, but tracks will be unlocked every once and a while as the story progresses. Once you have enough stunt points, you can try at the Stunt Cup. If you manage to win the stunt cup, you will move on in your career, to a new location. This system works well, and proves to be a great challenge. In Quick Race mode, you get to race using the cars and tracks you have unlocked in Championship mode. This is a great mode to use to brush up your skills before racing in Championship mode. In Multiplayer mode, you get to play against people using other devices over Bluetooth. According to the Fathammer site, it is cross-platform compatible, meaning you could play against someone playing on any device with Stuntcar Extreme that has Bluetooth. This is a great feature that could liven up your day by playing against your friends!

Unfortunately, the controls in Stuntcar Extreme are a little hard to master. You can steer by either using the D-Pad or the Jog Dial on your device, which is easy to do. The hard part is that the only way to accelerate, reverse, or use the Nitro is to press on the buttons on the right of your screen. I found that the most comfortable way to do this is to use your thumbnail, which could be damaging for your screen if you don’t have a screen protector. Maybe in the future, Fathammer could include support for button mapping, as it would be better for the screen on your Pocket PC. Other than that, the controls would be great!

The graphics in Stuntcar Extreme are simply stunning, and when added to the great gameplay, make the game great! All the tracks are 3D, and are full of colors and 3D obstacles for you to face. All the cars are 3D as well, and when you put them in the 3D environment, you get a game that looks spectacular. Also, the 80’s theme is shown everywhere, from the menus to the tracks. The graphics in Stuntcar Extreme are breathtaking, and are the perfect addition to the gameplay.

Stuntcar Extreme features both music and sound effects. The music works well with the 80’s theme, and really adds to the overall game experience. The sound effects, such as tires squealing, all have to do with racing, and add to the racing atmosphere. The sound in Stuntcar Extreme adds to the game well, and makes the game even more fun to play.

Overall, Stuntcar Extreme features everything you would expect from a racing game and more! The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are great, and the sound is great as well! The storyline makes a great addition to the gameplay, and is not often seen in a racing game. If you’re looking for a great racing game, and you want an actual storyline to go along with the gameplay, then Stuntcar Extreme is right for you!



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Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):


The graphics in Stuntcar Extreme will blow you away! They are some of the best 3D graphics I have seen from a PDA game!


The sound in Stuntcar Extreme is great, and adds to the gameplay experience well.

Fun Meter

Stuntcar Extreme will become one of your favorite games quickly, and you won’t stop until you beat the game!


With all of the cars and tracks to unlock, you’ll be hooked to Stuntcar for days!


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