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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Palm OS games

TF Chinese Checkers by TF System, Price: $14.99
Reviewed April 2003

Next to Mahjong and Chinese Chess, Chinese Checkers is probably the third most popular game in China. There are quite a few Chinese Checkers games for the Palm, the Chinese developer TF’s version looks the best with simple yet sharp graphics and easy to play game design.

If you are not familiar with the game of Chinese Checkers, look at it as a race between two armies. You will try to get to opponent’s territory before they occupy yours, and you can only move the pieces by jumping over another piece, which can be yours or your opponents. The first player who moves all the pieces into opponent’s slots wins the game. There is no fight since you don’t take other players’ checker piece, what you need is strategy and sharp eyes.

TF Chinese Checkers offers the traditional game board that can be played by up to 6 players. You will see three action buttons at the bottom right corner of the game board: Move, Surrender and Retract. Each time you make a move you must first select a checker piece and indicate each jump, then hit the Move button. There are three difficulty levels, the Normal level AI doesn’t have much offense and Genius level AI is much more cunning at attacking your space. As the board indicates, you can have up to 6 players to play the game and use either IR or Bluetooth to connect all players. The game could use a little more polish in the sense of packaging it with more background designs for the game board or adding a tutorial file for those who are new to the game of Chinese Checkers.

The sound bites are simple and pleasing and used mainly to accompany your checker moves. You have the option to turn the sound on or off. TF Chinese Checkers supports all Palm OS devices including OS 5.

Just because there isn’t any bloodshed, it doesn’t mean there is no glory. Chinese Checkers can be a very exhilarating game especially if you find a way to get out of the deadly gridlock and put your pieces ahead of your opponent’s. The TF version allows you to play against machine or your friends anywhere you go. Let the race begin!

Playing Hint and Tips

If you want to learn the rules of Chinese Checkers, here is a good page to read:

screen shot



Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics Clean and simple game board design with convenient shortcut buttons for actions. Could use a help file and more background designs.
Sound Nice to have sound confirmation when you move your pegs, but that’s about it for sound effects in this game.
Fun Meter Having this addictive game on a handheld is a great thing for Chinese Checkers fans. It could use more features and options for the price.
Addictivity Addictive game with three levels of difficulty, although the Genius level should be harder than it is.

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