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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Palm OS and ocket PC games

TRIVIAL PURSUIT® by Handmark Price: $29.99
Reviewed December 2003

It's hard to find anyone who hasn't been hooked on Trivial Pursuit at one point in their lives. The game has gained legions of fans in its board game and digital format. Was anyone as hooked as I was on the old version of the game that ran on PPCs like the Philips Nino that preceded Pocket PCs? However that old version, by a different manufacturer, was never updated to run on Pocket PCs. Thanks to Handmark, Trivial Pursuit reigns again and this time on both Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds! The game runs on Palm OS handhelds running Palm OS 3.5 or higher and supports high res displays. The Pocket PC version runs on Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 devices.

Thankfully the ever so familiar grid round table interface has not been changed, and will make you feel right at home when you launch the game. There are two game modes: Classic and Flash. The Classic mode is where you roll the dice and try to answer the questions correctly and reach all the wedges before your opponent does. Flash mode is a race where questions in each category are stacked up into a tower; and whoever reaches the top wins the game.

While the categories have remained the same as those found in the traditional Trivial Pursuit games, the questions have gone through major updates. The younger crowd will not scratch their heads after each question and thinking “wish my Grandpa were here.” This update shows through the most in Sports and Entertainment questions. You think you are a sports nut? Do you know who invented West Coast Offense in the NFL? How about the futility record the Denver Nuggets set for the NBA in 2002? Baseball 2003 season box scores, anyone? Many of these questions are good enough to appear on ESPN. Pop-culture questions are also updated and have moved the era from Doris Day to Nicole Kidman, Golden Girls to Charmed and Rolling Stones to Kurt Cobain. In fact many aspects of modern life have been added in as well. Did you know that Bluetooth technology was named after an 11th century Danish King? You probably do know this if you've read our Bluetooth article; but did you ever think it'd come in handy when playing Trivial Pursuit?

If your household has gone digital and wireless, Trivia Pursuit for PDAs might be just the ticket for a fun family gathering on a cold winter night. With over 1600 questions in this package, you won't get bored anytime soon. If you have multiple PDAs in the household, the game supports 2-6 players via IR. If that's not a big enough party, go to Handmark's home page and join the multi-player lobby where you can meet a large number of players and have a real blast!

Playing Hints and Tips

In Classic mode, if you don't like the slot you landed and have options to re-roll the dice, you should roll again and try to get a wedge. If you are playing with TP veterans, try to set a time limit for answering each question to make the game more challenging.

screen shot

Pocket PC


Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics Nothing ground breaking, but it's clever to keep the original game interface. This makes it very easy for Trivial Pursuit fans to pick up and play.

Very basic sound bytes that accompany your actions and dice rolling.

Fun Meter

For long time Trivial Pursuit fans, this is a no-brainer. You've got to have it for the long winter nights and fun gatherings.


There is something about this game that makes you become addicted to it. Now that questions are updated, veterans and newbies will find plenty of reasons to replay this game over and over.

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