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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Palm OS and Pocket PC games

Bejeweled, by Astraware $14.95
Review date March, 2002

Bejeweled is an incredibly addictive puzzle game developed by Astraware for Palm and Pocket PC (The PPC version is called Diamond Mine). You basically move gemstones to line them up with 3 or more together vertically or horizontally. There are two modes in the game: Easy Mode and Time Mode. This game is very easy to learn, and after you start, you can't stop!

Playing Hint and Tips
At first, I played the Easy Mode and scrutinized every move I made. My score was a sad 1200. Then I tried the Time Mode where I didn't have time to think at all. So I blurred my vision a little bit and all I saw was the shapes and colors. I did much better that way. So my tip of the day is, get familiar with the shapes, directions and combinations that will get you the maximum falling potential, and just keep on moving. When I went back to Easy Mode, I was playing much longer games.

My highest score in Bejeweled so far is 120,239. I'm sure you Bejeweled addicts out there have much higher scores. So why don't you drop me a line and tell me your high score, and gloat? Or if you have any magical tips, share them!!


Ratings (scale of 1-5):


Bejeweled screen shot

Pocket PC
Graphics Shapes and colors of the gems look great even on the small screen of my Palm m130. I find it very easy on the eyes. This is very import if you play it for 5 hours straight.
Sound Sound effects are crisp and cute. The "Game Over" sound is a bit harsh.
Fun Meter "Time Mode" is da bomb! Most fun when you play in this mode.
Addictivity I usually get a full version of the software before I do the reviews. But while I was waiting for Astraware to send me the ID, I thought I'd just download a demo and check it out first. That was a mistake, because at 3:00am the next day, I was still playing it.

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