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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Pocket PC and Linux PDA games

Bust'em, by Douglas Beck ( (ported to Linux by Eon Games) $16.99
Reviewed April 2002


With an apology to other Breakout type game developers, I suggest that if you are good at playing Breakout, Bust'em should be number 1 game for you! I have never played this sort of games and laugh out loud. Douglas Beck made this game so outrageous that you will have a million things fall off the sandy bricks and a million balls screaming across the screen at any moment. There are 100 beautifully crafted levels with 10 shapes of walls. Oh, and the Power-ups that makes the game rock the house! You can catch power-ups that will shoot a ton of balls from your paddle into the air and hit the blocks; or catch the power-ups that create a chain reaction of biting and blowing up the blocks while you're just sitting there watching the debris fall. You can start the game in one of 4 difficulty levels. Once you've reached a level, you can start a new game from that level rather than having to restart from the beginning. The game engine is so powerful and the graphics are so beautiful that you will want to play this game over and over again. On top of that, there is a level editor for those gamers who want to create even more layouts.

Playing Hints and Tips

The game gives you tips in the beginning of every level. It's a good idea to read them. As I'm being reminded by my colleagues to never forget people who might not be good at certain game, I'm providing you with a way to get cheat code here.

Bust'em screen shot

Pocket PC
Zaurus SL-550

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics Creatively designed walls and brick layouts showed the talent of the game developer. Beautiful graphics, falling power-ups and debris provide non-stop action in this game.
Sound Sound effects compliment the game well.
Fun Meter This game will make you laugh one minute and scream and cry the next. The entire 100 levels contain so many different power-ups, actions and wall designs, that you will be entertained from the level 1 to level 100. There are 4 difficulty levels, just when you think you are done with the game you will be drawn back to start at another level all over again.
Addictivity With the cheat codes, even the novice Breakout players would have no reason not to play this game. As for us the veterans, this game will make you miss your favorite television programs! But hey, a game with such creativity, powerful engine, beautiful graphics and fun game play doesn't come around often. So enjoy it!

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