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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Pocket PC games

CubeHead, by Cascata Games, $18.99
Reviewed August 2002

For a game idea that came up on a train ride, and for a game that took only 3 months to develop, CubeHead is very polished and massive fun. As the first Pocket PC title from Cascata Games, CubeHead takes you to the world of Tiles, where fast thinking and slick sliding are the only ways to survive.

The concept seems simple: you use your stylus to slide the tiles so you can match up 3, 4 or 5 vertically or horizontally to make them disappear, collecting bonus points along the way. Yet, the developer found ways to spice up this simple puzzle game by making the tiles magical. Some tiles will blow up surrounding tiles, some will give you double or quadruple bonuses, some will surprise you with goodies, and some will turn into steel tiles and nail down the row and column so that you can’t move anything in them. There are other elements that make the game interesting as well. There is a time clock for each level that can be set anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. You must complete certain points to advance to the next level. Not only do you need to watch the clock, you also need to worry about the energy. You start with a certain number of energy units, and you can’t let them run out!

The game offers some really sharp and beautiful graphics and the animation is nicely done as well. From the title screen to the game registration window, to the game board layout, to the item icons, CubeHead has a polished stylish look that will keep your eyes on the game and your fingers sliding. Each level has its own background image behind the tiles. You can download even more images from developer’s web site, which makes the game more interesting and expandable. There are three difficulty levels as well: Easy Cheesy, Ooh…Hard! and Psychotic, each starts with a different energy level and different requirements to score. You should familiarize yourself with which cube gives you how many score points.

The sound effects and music match the good graphics and fun game play. You can change the volume on both or turn them off. Just like the graphics, you can even download more music tracks from the game’s web site; among the titles you will find are “Space”, “Trompetentchno remix”, “Ra Ra Poontang”, “10 Dead”, etcetera. The game supports ARM, MIPS and SH3, and takes about 3 Megs of memory.

It’s not everyday a puzzle game with original idea and style comes alone. CubeHead is definitely worth a look!

Playing Hints and Tips:

Read the help file came with the game before you play. Understand what gains points and what loses them.




Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics Amazingly good-looking graphics and fun animation. Nicely styled and polished package.
Sound Cool sound effects and good background tracks. The ability to download more tracks makes this game attractive to fans who are into sound bites.
Fun Meter Creative puzzle game play combine with flexibility in difficulty levels, CubeHead is an instant winner for both children and adults.
Addictivity The game has great replay value because of the look of the game and the different options you can play it in. Downloadable goodies will likely add popularity from their fans.


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