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Hyperspace Delivery Boy, by Monkeystone $19.99
Reviewed May 2002

While many RPG/Adventure games give you dungeons and dragons, Hyperspace Delivery Boy takes you to the future on a starship called the Colby Jack where a boy named Guy Carrington delivers parcels between starships and bizarre planets under a Sergeant named Filibuster. In his journey to the strange, sometimes dangerous frontier, this Hyperspace Delivery Boy will encounter many enemies (from robots to Behemoths) and will have to solve many puzzles to find the destinations for his delivery.

Developed by Monkeystone, HDB is a very creatively designed unique adventure game that has thirty huge levels of beautiful graphics, great sound tracks and sound effects, as well as some very smart and hilarious dialogue. You can start the game in either of 2 modes, one is puzzle mode where your focus is solving puzzles and avoiding the enemies; the other one is action mode where you solve puzzles as well as attack enemies. When you explore the different worlds, you will have many gems and Monkestones to collect, and get bonus levels and secrets, even run into Panic Zones where you must be cool and quick to escape. This game is great for adults and children of all ages.

Playing Hints and Tips
See the full Strategy Guide and hints for Hyperspace Delivery Boy here.



Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics Creatively designed graphics with beautiful scenes and animations. The different worlds have their distinct look and feel, and the characters are funny and adorable.
Sound Great sound tracks to compliment the game play; sound effects are cute and abundant.
Fun Meter If you are a gamer that loves adventure games and RPG games, you will fall in love with this game right away. The game is just right: neither too hard nor too easy.
Addictivity From the first moment I looked at the demo, I knew that I had to play this game. When I got the full version, I played from the beginning to the end. It's highly addictive with its unique game design, humorous characters and attractive graphics.

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