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Linux Games for Sharp Zaurus: JadeDragon's Game Corner

by JadeDragon

JadeDragon’s Game Corner isn’t just another game listing. We work hard, we wear out our D-pad so that we can bring you the hands-on experience of playing games on handhelds. You will see our in-depth reviews of latest games on Palm, Pocket PC and Linux PDAs. You will also be treated to our interview series Faces Behind Games. We chat with the hottest game developers and publishers and bring the “behind the scenes” info to the fans. You can also check out our game discussion forums where you will find hints, tips, walkthroughs and get in touch with other gamers. So while JadeDragon is on the lookout for cool games, you keep on playing! If you want to learn more about PDA games, read my FAQ. I rate each game on a scale of 1-5 jade dragons on graphics, sound, fun and how addictive the game is. Read on! And I'll also give you a few tips on how to do well playing each game. All reviews written by JadeDragon, unless noted. David Peach (former reviewer), Martin Szarski and Michael Woo are members of our Linux game review team, so you'll see their names too!
A means the game is free!


Game Reviews:

Bust'em (Breakout game)
Candy Cruncher
Crazy Kart
Interstellar Flames
Jack the Uni-Psychle
Knights (chess)
Mighty Charms
Merriam-Webster Word Search
Motocross Stunt Racer
Sea Strike
Space Guppy
Strategic Assault
Tower Toppler



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