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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Palm OS games

Pinballz2 by Jason Goldman, Price: $14.95
Reviewed April 2003

From the creator of the popular 3D pinball game Pinballz, Pinballz2 is not just enhanced version supporting the Palm OS 5 devices. It’s a brand new 3D pinball table, designed by Jason Goldman. If you have a Palm OS 5 PDA and have been looking for a pinball game, look no further.

The new Pinballz2 game sports a brand new 3D pinball table with a fresh set of bonus targets, animated characters and a mini-breakout table. Like the first Pinballz table, this game is packed with targets to hit and things to do. Most of the multipliers and bonus shots require multi-hits on certain drop targets, animated characters, color-coded buttons and circles, some even needs to be in certain sequence. It sounds hard, but the rewards are well worth the efforts. You will not only get high scores, but you'll also get to see a turtle on roller skates running across the table, treasure chests, toy cars, and if you are lucky enough to get into the breakout table, you might get a chance to go for the ultimate Pinballz2 lights. Of course, you won’t miss the traditional bonus actions such as multi-ball action and earning extra balls, as well as manipulating the table by titling and nudging it.

The 3D graphics look sharp on the NX70V even though the text on the tablet is in very small fonts. The 3-table setup is a very creative idea resulting in a fun interface. The ball movement is very realistic and easy to track. The amount of action is well balanced with table design so that even when you activate many lights and buttons, you still don’t feel distracted.

The sound effects on the Tungsten T are full digital sound and Sony enhanced sound support is coming soon. The selection of sound bites is plentiful and they should meet your expectations for a pinball game. Since this game is enhanced for the Palm OS 5 devices, you’ll be able to run it on the Tungsten T and Sony’s OS 5 Clié models at 320 x 320 pixel resolution. If you don’t have one of these PDAs, check out the original Pinballz which runs on older versions of the Palm OS.

Any arcade fan should enjoy a good pinball game, even the stuffiest old-school gamers. This game, with its well-designed 3D table and realistic feel, is hard to beat for Palm OS 5 PDA owners.


screen shot


Playing Hint and Tips

Make sure you know the bonus targets and sequences before you go out on a hunt. The game is pretty easy to keep alive but tough to get all the bonuses.

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics New and enhanced table design and graphics. Looks very sharp on the hi-res screen.
Sound Enhanced digital sound for Tungsten T, can’t wait for the Sony enhanced sound.
Fun Meter If you are a pinball head, this is the game for you. It’s easy to keep going which makes it friendly to the pinball newbie; and it’s tough to get all the bonuses, which gives the vets enough challenge. It’d be nicer if this table supported pre-OS 5 PDAs.
Addictivity Good table design and balanced game play guarantee some long playing hours. The well placed items, separate tables and tough sequences will ensure a high replay value.

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