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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Palm OS and Pocket PC games

Snails, by PDA Mill $11.95
Reviewed April 2002

If you think that you've never played a game like this, you are not alone. Snails, developed by Syntact team led by Peter Balogh, takes the action-strategy game genre to another level.

It's a wacky and funny story. Deep in Space, there lies the ancient planet of Schnoogie where three races of Snails live. The Moogums, the Lupeez and the Nooginz are not peaceful tribes. They thrive on battling for world domination. After you learn the story of Schnoogie, you'll be only glad that your neighborhood snails only eat your plants!

It's a wacky and fun game play. The graphics and animation will make you forget about your Saturday morning Cartoons. The whole game feels like a Cartoon movie and you will find yourself wondering who designed the set. The jewel of the graphics in this game is the special effects. The explosions on the building structures, the smoke coming out of a heated battle, and the different death scenes will just blow you out of the water. The sound effects and music are special in this game as well. The sound effects have sound studio special edition quality. The wacky and funny dialogue will make you laugh out loud. (Check out some of the dialogue here.) The controls are smooth and intuitive which makes the wacky play possible. It took me a while to go through all the weapons and see what they do and how I could control them. I did manage to blow myself up a couple of times in the process when I threw the dynamite too close and launched the tear gas straight up and had it fall on my face. But once you get the hang of shooting your Machine Guns, Mortar Rockets, Chain guns, Bazookas, Pineapples, and fleas, you are well on your way to win over the world. If you join the free community, you might even get more weapons!

It's either a deathmatch or a block party. You can start the game in 3 modes. The Missions Mode will take you through the story of what you are supposed to do to help your race to be the dominant race by fighting your way through and killing every snail from other tribes. The game difficulty gets harder with each level. The Deathmatch Mode is like the Ultimate Tournament type of play where you pick number of members per team, how much money you need and what kind of weapons you'd like to have. Then you fight to the death. Hopefully your opponents die first. The 2 Player Mode is similar to the Deathmatch except now you can play against a friend. If you get a few Pocket PC together, you can just have a Snails party!

It's easy to pick up and hard to put down. You can play Snails weather you are a casual gamer or game master. The realistic graphics and creative game design will attract gamers of all levels. Once you get your hands on the Bazooka gun, you won't be able to put it down. If you play all three modes, you will improve your skills and strategies.

It's for adults, not for children! The graphics and animation may look innocent and cute, but the dialogue has some adult humor, and the one-on-one shooting and blowing each other up is not suited for young kids.

Playing Hints and Tips
Check out all the weapons; see what they do and how to control them. Don't bunch up your snails, and hide in places a rocket or dynamite can't easily hit you after you've played your turn.

Snails screen shot



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Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics Very polished graphics and animation. The Cartoonish look and feel works very well for the game.
Sound The sound effects are the funniest ones I've seen on a Pocket PC. High quality sound and music.
Fun Meter For a game unlike any other, this game has got all the right ingredients to keep you play for hours and hours. When you're done with the base package, you can get more expansion packs and level design tools to make your own levels.
Addictivity Once you start the world domination, you won't be able to stop until you reach your goal. You'll play for hours before you realize how much time has passed.

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