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HP Jornada 720 and 728

This HPC was the first Handheld PC 2000 unit to market, released Sept. 7 2000. At the time it was fastest HPC with its 206 MHz StrongArm processor. Now the NEC MobilePro 900, running a 400 MHz XScale processor, is the only HPC still being sold and is the fastest. The Handheld PC 2000 operating system was released in Sept. 2000 as the sucessor to Windows CE and WinCE Pro for handheld (keyboarded) PDAs. The 728 replaced the 720 in 2002 and is the same as the 720 except that it has 64 megs of RAM while the 720 has 32.

The display and 76% of notebook-size keyboard. are much the same as with the Joranda 680 & 690 models. The CF and PC card slots have been separated and now reside fully within the body of the Jornada- no more having to keep the door on the bottom of the unit ajar if you have a PC card installed. Other than the expansion card slot re-design, HP basically stuck with the older Jornada design, changing the processor and ROM to support Handheld Windows 2000, the newest version of the Windows CE OS for handhelds. The new OS supports only the StrongArm and NEC MIPs processors, so the Jornada 680 and 690 are not upgragreable to the new OS because they use the Hitachi SH3 processor. HP was probably able to come to market quickly with this device because they changed as little as possible from the Jornada 690 design. If you're a fan of that model, you'll probably be quite pleased with the 720.

The unit is slim, highly portable and rich with features. The keyboard on this unit is not a touch-typist's dream (the same can be said of all HPCs except the NEC MobilePro 780) because it's miniaturized. But it sure beats a stylus for writing memos and longer document!

You'll get a serial cable and a docking station that accepts the included serial cable or an optional (standard A-B) USB cable. USB is much faster, and we're overjoyed that the 720 supports USB connections to ActiveSync.

What's different about the new operating System? Handheld Windows 2000 offers the Windows Media Player, a Terminal Server client, an improved Pocket Internet Explorer and more robust Ethernet networking support. Visit Microsoft's Handheld PC website for more info on this new operating system.

Original List price $999 US




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Size: 7.44 x 3.74 x 1.34 in (189 x 95 x 34 mm) 1.1 lbs (510 g) with standard battery

Expansion Slots: One PC Card Type II card slot
One CompactFlash Type I card slot
One Smart Card reader card slot
( the IBM Microdrive can be used in the PC card slot using a PC card adapter)

Display: 6.5 in (16.5 cm) color LCD display (supports up to 65,536 colors)
640 x 240 pixel screen
2D graphics acceleration

Performance: 32-bit StrongARM SA1110 processor, 206MHz, 32 megs of RAM for the 720 and 64 megs of RAM for the 728.

Software: Microsoft Windows¨ for Handheld PC 2000 Version 3.0 operating system Microsoft Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Microsoft Pocket Outlook (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Inbox) Microsoft Internet Explorer for Handheld PC (version 4.01) Microsoft Windows Media Player for Handheld PC Microsoft Voice Recorder Microsoft Terminal Server Client4 HP Jornada viewer, dialup, settings, backup, hot keys,quick pad, power, security, and information exchange HP ChaiVM 4.1.2 LandWare OmniSolveª (business calculator) Yahoo!¨ Messenger (send instant messages to online friends and check news, stock prices, and more.

Modem: 56K modem with pop-up jack

Battery: rechargeable Lithium Ion

Input: keyboard (3/4 full-size) with embedded numeric keypad, Touch screen


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