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  Pocket PC/Windows Mobile Manufacturers

Hewlett Packard (HP)
Mitac Mio

  Palm OS PDA Manufacturers

Sony Clié (no longer make PDAs)
 Tapwave (no longer make PDAs)


  Magazines and News Sites

 Pen Computing (pen-based PDAs)
Pocket PC Magazine

Online Daily Gadget and Tech News

  Smartphone Info and Discussion Sites New and some discussion on MS Smartphones. A discussion site for all kinds of smartphones, mostly active for CDMA Pocket PC Phones Discussion of the Handspring and palmOne Treo Palm OS smartphones.
 Howard Forums Very active discussion on mobile phones, not just smartphones.
 MoDaCo UK site dedicated to MS Smartphone discussion. Our sister site. Discussion and news on MS Smartphones and Windows Mobile.

Symbian Smartphones New and discussion on Symbian OS phones. Technical info from Symbian on Series 60 smartphone OS.


  Usenet Newsgroups
 comp.sys.handhelds (keyboarded PDAs)
comp.sys.laptops (notebooks)
comp.sys.palmtops (non-keyboarded
PDAs, mostly Windows-based)
 comp.sys.palmtops.pilot (Palm OS)

  PDA Info and Discussion Sites

Pocket PC/Windows Mobile
Microsoft's Windows Mobile site
 Chris De Herrera's CE Windows Website.(lots of great info on networking and dialup connections too!)
 Pocket PC Thoughts Pocket PC news and discussion Our sister site. Discussion and news on MS Smartphones and Windows Mobile.
the :: unwired Pocket PC and Smartphone news, info and discussion
 ClintonFitch(dot)com Windows Mobile software and hardware reviews.

All PDAs
 PDA Geek PDA news
 Brighthand Discussion and some reviews
 The Gadgeteer Gadget reviews and PDA reviews PDA news and discussion
Palm OS Palm OS news & reviews very popular! Clié and Palm news and discussion
 Palm Addict A great site run by Palm addicts
Zaurus & Linux Lots of Zarus software to download, mostly free. They make some excellent commercial software for the Zaurus Brand Specific PDA Sites A great discussion community for Dell Axim Pocket PCs. Also some news and reviews.

Medical Sites
 Doctor Gadgets Software listings, info, projects and more for PDA-equiped medical professionals.
 MedsPDA for mobile healthcare professionals

  Software/Shareware Shopping Sites

All Platforms
 Handango (big site)
 Tucows PDA site (big site)
Palm OS
PalmGear (big site)
 Freeware Palm (free ebooks) (commercial ebooks)
Windows CE/ Pocket PC
PocketGear (big site) (commercial ebooks)
Catamount Software
 Standalone Software


  Tablet PC Discussion

 Tablet PC Talk News and info on Windows Tablet PC notebooks
 Tablet PC Buzz News and active discussions on Windows Tablet PC notebooks

 Psion's web site
Psion's North American site



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