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Linux PDAs: the Sharp Zaurus and More: These PDAs run a Linux operating system rather than Palm or Pocket PC OS.

Internet and Lifestyle devices

Nokia N800 The second generation Internet Tablet from Nokia. List $399 Nokkia N800 review
 Nokia 770 A reaonably priced Internet tablet that fits in the palm of your hand. List: $349 Nokia 770 review
Pepper Pad A home Internet Appliance and web tablet that weighs 2.3 pounds. List: $849 Pepper Pad review


Sharp Zarus Models

Zaurus SL-C3200 Sharp's latest C series clamshell Zaurus is a near dead-ringer for the C3100 it replaces. The hard drive has grown to 6 gigs and the device sports the usual excellent VGA display, best-of-class keyboard, CF and SD expansion slots and a fast XScale processor. And of course, it runs Linux! It's available through importers only.
Sharp Zaurus C3200 review
Zaurus SL-6000 Sharp is targeting enterprise buyers with this model, which looks like a super-sized version of the SL-5600. It's a powerful 400 MHz device with a CG Silicon 4" VGA display, WiFi (on the SL-6000L) and dual expansion slots. Like other SL-5000 series models, it has a thumb keyboard cleverly concealed underneath a slider. List $699 (recently discontinued in the US)
Sharp Zaurus SL-6000
Zaurus SL-5600 Very similar to the SL-5500 it replaces, the latest Zaurus offers the same features but adds a 400 MHz XScale processor, a built-in mic, the ability to play MP3s through the speaker and more robust USB syncing. List $499 (discontinued)
Sharp Zaurus SL-5600
Zaurus SL-5500 This was the first widely available Linux PDA in the US. It's been replaced by the SL-5600 above. It has a slider design (they thought of it before Palm!) that allows you to slide the unit open to reveal a thumb keyboard. It has a 320 x 240 color display, runs on a StrongARM 206 MHz processor. (discontinued)
Sharp Zaurus SL-5600
Zaurus SL-C3000 (and C1000 and C3100) The replacement for the wonderful C860, the C3000 adds a 4 gig internal microdrive (really!) and has a new directional pad and an elegant gloss white finish. The C3000 looks like tiny a notebook computer with a clamshell design, swiveling VGA display, QWERTY keyboard and dual expansion slots. The C3000 runs Linux and is available only from importers. The C1000 is the same unit but has flash memory rather than a microdrive for storage. List $899
Zaurus SL-C3000
Zaurus SL-C860 The replacement for the venerable C760, though little has changed. This Japan market PDA is available from importers such as in the US . It looks like a super-miniaturized notebook computer, has a full keyboard and a gorgeous 640 x 460 landscape display that can rotate to portrait orientation. Yet it's PDA-sized and will fit in your pocket. List $849
Sharp Zaurus C860
Zaurus SL-C760 This PDA is available from in the US, and is otherwise sold only in the Asian market (Japan). It looks like a super-miniaturized notebook computer, has a full keyboard and a gorgeous 640 x 460 landscape display that can rotate to portrait orientation. Original List $799. Discontinued and replaced by the C860 above.
Sharp Zaurus SL-C760

Sharp Zarus Accessories, Cases and Software

Great Zaurus Applications A review of many must have apps for the Zaurus, all of which run on the C7xx series as well as the SL-5xxx
Accessories and Cases for the Zaurus C760 and C860 We review cases from Extreme Limit, PDair and Xigma. Also reviews of the PDair 3-in-1 stylus, a USB sync n' charge cable and a very compact world travel charger.


Other Linux PDA and Devices

Nokia 770 Not a PDA, but rather an Internet Tablet. Nokia's first non-phone device is intriguing and attractive. It's an Internet Tablet that's pocketable yet sports an 800 x 480 color display and WiFi 802.11g for a fast Internet connection. It runs a version of the excellent Opera web browser, has a full-featured email client, an RSS reader and more. Not meant to replace the PDA, this reasonably-priced device instead brings a desktop-like surfing experience to your couch or bedroom with instant-on flair.
Nokia 770 review
Pepper Pad This home Internet appliance competes with the Nokia 770 in some ways but is more couch-centric. The Pad's 800 x 600 SVGA color display and Firefox web browser make it the perfect instant-on web surfing buddy. It also has an awesome AV remote, a video player, MP3 player, Internet radio player, photo viewer and a 20 gig hard drive to hold your multimedia goodies. It runs Linux on an XScale processor and weighs 2.3 pounds.
Pepper Pad review
G.Mate Yopy model YP3700. The Yopy has been around for a few years, and the latest model has made its way to the US. The Yopy has an integrated keyboard, a 320 x 240 color display, a 206 MHz processor and 128 megs of RAM. While not as polished as the Zaurus models, do check it out if you're into Linux. List $499
G.Mate Yopy


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