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NEC Mobile Pro 790, 780

The 790 is discontinued. The MobilePro 900 model replaced it in June 2003.

Want a large and legible display and a truly touch-type keyboard that's about the size of a laptop keyboard? Then go with the Mobile Pro 790, favored by those who want an instant-on machine that offers a tad of the creature comforts of a laptop. It's also the biggest HPC by far, so if portability counts, sigh and decide whether the larger display and very usable keyboard are worth the added size and weight. The MobilePro 790 is one of two units running the new MS Handheld PC operating system (the latest iteration of WindowCE for keyboarded PDAs). If you do prefer smaller units, consider the HP Jornada 720 which also runs MS Handheld PC operating system and is also a bit faster.

NEC Mobile Pro 790


The Mobile Pro 780 and 790 offer a 168 MHz NEC MIPS processor, and a bright and crisp half-VGA color display, capable of 800 x 600 resolution on an external display- you could really use this unit for presentations on the road! And the display size means no squinting to read type on screen.
The keyboard is truly touch-type, and roomy at 92% of normal size. It is a joy to use. This is our favorite HPC despite the size because it's truly usable thanks to its keyboard, speed and display size.

The 780 is discontinued and replaced by the model 790 which runs Microsoft's new Handheld PC 2000 operating system. The only significant difference between them is the operating system-- the 780 ran Windows CE, the older version of the operating system for handheld (keyboarded) PDAs.




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Size: 9.2"W x 5.2"D x 1.1"H. 1.7 pounds.

Expansion Slots: I PCMCIA slot, 1 Compact Flash card slot

Display: 8.1" diagonal 640x240 color display, 64K colors! 600 x 800 on an external monitor

Performance: 168 MHz MIPS NEC RISC processor, 32 MB RAM, 24 MB ROM

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

Ports: VGA, Serial, internal speaker and mic

• Microsoft Windows for Handheld PC 2000
• Version 3.0 core operating system
• Microsoft Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket, PowerPoint, Pocket Access
• Microsoft Pocket Outlook (version 3.1 Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Inbox)
• Microsoft Internet Explorer for Handheld PC (version 4.01)
• Microsoft Windows Media Player for Handheld PC
• Microsoft InkWriter, Calculator, World Clock,Voice Recorder, PC Link,Terminal, Solitaire
• Microsoft Terminal Server Client
• NEC Internal Flash ROM configuration utility, BSQUARE bUSEFUL, Backup Plus

Modem: 56K v.90 modem with pop-up jack


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