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Palm m130

- Posted March 2002

Based on the industrial design of the Palm m125, the m130 was released March 4, 2002 and was Palm's first mid-range model offering a color display and a rechargeable battery. The m130 looks similar to the m125 but has a blue case and silver faceplate. Like the m125, it has an SD slot for expansion, a USB cradle, and a flip lid. It runs Palm OS 4.1.

Palm m130 color PDA

The ruggedized case sports a rounded, modern industrial design, the screen is 42% smaller than larger screened Pilots, though it maintains the same 160 x 160 pixel resolution. This means that you'll see the same amount of stuff on the screen, but that stuff will appear smaller. The display has thousands of colors and is very sharp in indoor light and readable outdoors (some color displays wash out in bright sunlight). The display looks very nice: it's quite bright and saturated. Palm originally said it was a 16 bit, 65,000 color display but it turns out that wasn't true (this info came out 8/20/2002).

The unit has an SD slot for expansion capability. It comes with a USB sync cradle (you can purchase a serial cradle separately if you need one). Est. Price $279 US

Pro: An affordable color PDA from Palm! Nice quality screen and rechargeable battery. Con: not flash-upgradeable, but since Palm will be switching the ARM processor family with OS 5.0, current Motorola Dragonball processor units may not be supported anyway.





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Display: 58,000? color STN LCD, well, Palm says thousands of colors, but we don't know how many right now since this was originally billed as a 16 bit, 65,000 color screen but it turns out Palm mis-labelled it. Great indoors and outdoors. Screen resolution remains the same as previous Palm models (160 x 160 pixels) but the screen is 42% smaller than other Palm models (except the m100 series).

Performance: 33 MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ processor. 8 megs of RAM, 4 megs non-flash upgradeable ROM for OS.

Size: 4.82 x 3.1 x .87 in. ; 5.31 oz.

Audio: Built in speaker for alarms.

Battery: Reachargeable Lithium Ion. Good for a week per full charge.

Software: Palm OS 4.1 and the usual suite of Palm applications, including Address Book, Date Book, Clock, To Do List, Memo Pad Calculator Calculator. In addition, you get some nice 3rd party applications like Documents to Go (handles Word and Excel docs on your Palm), Vindigo, MGI PhotoSuite, AvantoGo, Chapura PocketMirror 3 (syncs to Outlook) and MultiMail. Palm Desktop for Windows and Mac included.

Modem: None included. Bonus: Mobile Connectivity Software Kit included, which can be used in conjunction with data-capable mobile phones and external modems to access Internet email accounts. AOL for Palm OS® handhelds included.


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