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Shareware, Freeware and Commercial Programs for your Palm OS PDA

General Listings of popular applications:
Palm OS

Our Game Corner Reviews of Palm and Tapwave Zodiac Games:
Hundreds of in-depth game reviews and walkthroughs!
Palm Games

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Palm OS Software Reviews


Palm Video Players: Kinoma, MMPlayer and TealMovie

Audio MP3 Players: RealOne, AeroPlayer, Pocket Tunes Deluxe

NoviiRemote: AV remote control software


BackupBuddyVFS Professional

BackupBuddy 2 Backup your Palm!

JackSprat and JackFlash: reclaim storage space!

6 Launchers Reviewed: Facer, LauncherX, MegaLauncher, SilverScreen, YiShow, and ZLauncher

Launchers Review Part 2: AppShelf, Facer, Hi-Launcher and ZLauncher

MDM Secure File PDA Backup

RoboForm Keep secure data on your Palm

Uninstall Managers: Stacworks InWatch and Northglide Uninstall Manager/Cleanup

Office Applications:

Office Suites and Applications: Documents To Go, MiniOffice, Quickoffice, Mobile Word and WordSmith

PIM Enchancements:

DateBk5: One of the most popular replacement calendar apps for Palm OS.

Finance, List Management and Photo Management:

SplashWallet 5: A suite of handy apps: Money, Shopper, ID and Photo.


Database Review HanDBase, MobileDB, Database Professional and SmartList To Go

Alternative Input Systems:

Fitaly Virtual Keyboard

MessagEase: an alternative text input system (soft keyboard)

Bible Software:

5 Popular Bible/Scripture Software Packages: Bible With You, Bible +, Bible Reader +, BibleThumper, MyBible

eBible Deluxe Bundle

Olive Tree's Complete Word Study Bible

Zondervan's NIV Study Bible

Reference, Translation and Learning:

5 Dictionary & Thesaurus Applications: BDicty, Mi:D, MSDict, Oxford American, and PocketLingo

Audio Translator Language Translation

MDM Directions on-the-go

Power Training: A desktop program that teachs you how to use your Palm OS PDA

Internet and Email:

Gopher King web-based email for PDAs and desktops

Model Specific Application Reviews:

Great Apps for the Sony Clié UX40 and UX50





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