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Great Software Applications for Your Sony Clié UX50 and UX40
Posted December 2003 Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief



If you own a Sony Clié UX40 or UX50, CodeDiver will be the best $10 you've ever spent on your PDA. In fact, CodeDiver is a great purchase for anyone who owns a Palm OS PDA that has a 1/2 VGA (320x480 or 480 x 320) display such as the Tungsten T3. Why? CodeDiver allows applications that don't run full screen to run full screen. Though developers will eventually support the UX's landscape high res + display, who wants to wait? With CodeDiver you can run Documents To Go, Blazer and most other applications full screen. No more Graffiti area wasting precious screen real estate.

CodeDiver is a small application that requires only 50K of space on your Clié. Once you install it, simply launch it and select the program you wish to run full screen. Note that it isn't necessary to use CodeDiver for applications that already run full screen, such as NetFront. Right now, CodeDiver will only "see" programs that are stored in the main 16 meg memory rather than on Memory Sticks or the internal flash memory partition. You can set a variety of parameters for a program in CodeDiver, but the following settings are what you'll want to use for your programs:

1. Next to “ AppName :” select the program you wish to run full screen.
2. Next to “ VirtualSilk :” tap “OFF”
3. SizeChg : “Set”
4. StartedSize : “Long”
5. StoppedSize : “Long”

You should download CodeDiver directly from the developer's web site: . You will need the latest beta as of this writing for the UX and T3 rather than the most recent non-beta version. You can purchase a license for CodeDiver from Handango if you like it (it has a free trial period). The license for the last release version will work with the beta.

Price: $10.00




WideNotes 1.1 by Varibyte

Though many of the Sony applications that ship with the UX series support full screen landscape display, surprisingly the CLIE Memo app does not. Want to write ink memos, create drawings and more in full screen? Then check out WideNotes.

WideNotes is an incredibly useful and clever application. Not only can you write ink notes full screen, but you can use it in split screen mode, with ink notes and drawings on one side and text on the other. Very handy if you're entering directions and would like to have a map and instructions side-by-side.

WideNotes offers three line widths, a color picker, an eraser, the ability to assign a note to an alarm and more. You can file notes in categories and beam them if you wish. Definitely an affordable and extremely handy app to have on your UX!

WideNotes is available on Handango, and version 1.1 does not require CodeDiver.

Price: $9.95


screen shot



AcidImage by Red-Mercury

AcidImage is a great app for any Palm user, but it really shines on the UX series thanks to the UX's lovely display, digital camera and the fact that Sony's built-in image viewer, CLIE Viewer, is so slow to load images. Not only is AcidImage very fast at loading images, but it supports removable media such as Memory Sticks (along with CF cards and SD cards for those of you who own other Palm OS PDAs). The application supports BMP, GIF and JPEG file formats. It can also display PictureGear Pocket and MGI PhotoSuite images.

AcidImage supports a variety of thumbnail view layouts, full screen image viewing with zoom, slide shows and allows you to use the jog dial to move between images.

Their new Pro version adds support for the TIFF/fax file formats, but is considerably more expensive at $49.95.

Price: $29.95



screen shot




WarFare Inc. by Handmark

If you like real time strategy games, then check out WarFare Inc. from Handmark. This beautifully rendered game runs full screen on the UX in landscape or portrait and supports high resolutions on many other PDAs and .NET devices. It looks great, it plays great and is loads of fun! To read a more detailed review, check out our game reviewer JadeDragon's review here.

WarFare Inc. offers 20 levels of playing fun, missions that are original and unique and strong AI.

Price: $29.95


screen shot

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