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SplashWallet 5.04 for the Palm OS
Posted July 2004 by By Tanker Bob
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SplashShopper 2.6h

The overall design and functionality features of SplashShopper parallel those of SplashID almost exactly, so I won’t discuss them again. These features include the use of categories and types, and overall PDA and desktop operation. It comes with a ton of examples, and most serve as ready-to-use entries in your routine. Like similar available apps, SplashShopper can track more than just your grocery list. Example databases provided include books, movies, Chinese menus, travel checklists, clothing lists, and others. These shopping programs aren’t just for shopping!

SplashShopper allows detailed customi zation of the display, as it can quickly become crowded with all the information available. While it uses categories as you would expect, the function of types varies by list content. For instance, in the grocery list the types would generally be stores, but a movie list could be lead actor/actress. Some experimentation could lead to innovative approaches with your data lists. Individual items may be configured to be in more than one type simultaneously, so orange juice could be on the grocery list for several stores while inputting it only once. You can also configure prices to differ across stores. The look-ahead auto-fill greatly increases the speed of entering new items, especially given the large number of example entries.

Details on each item can include coupon notations, general notes, descriptions, types of units for quantities, whether the item is sales taxable, and whether the item should be auto-deleted after buying. Fonts can be varied, including tiny hi res fonts, as can how SplashShopper handles totals. You can even create quicklists of items you regularly need on repeated trips. Lists can be beamed or sent to other PDAs. Each list constitutes a separate file, so you can have as many as your memory will hold.

screen shot

Again, the desktop program works pretty much the same as the handheld version. The dedicated conduit keeps everything in sync. The desktop adds the capability to edit a number of item details across multiple items—a handy way to change categories or other characteristics en mass. Competitive programs stop short of a desktop component, and this alone sets SplashShopper apart. I found it very impressively planned and executed. Available for $19.95 as a stand alone.


Very versatile database handler

Interface consistent with the rest of the suite

Strong desktop companion program

Very flexible in display and underlying data management


No custom icons for individual items






screen shot

SplashMoney 3.01h

SplashMoney stands as unique in this suite in that it has no desktop component. It doesn’t need one since it feeds Intuit’s Quicken, MS Money, or any other program that can import a comma separated values (CSV) file (such as MS Excel). The conduit allows the user to HotSync the PDA database either directly to Quicken, to a QIF file, or to a CSV file. It can import to the PDA only from QIF files from the desktop, though, and not directly from Quicken.

screen shot

The data entry screen will be familiar to anyone who uses Quicken, a checkbook, or any of the other SplashWallet applications. Instead of the usual Palm categories or Splash types, entries here fall under accounts. SplashData provides templates for credit card and banking accounts of various types, cash, asset, and liability accounts to get you started. As with SplashShopper, auto-fill works here. Transactions may even be memori zed.

If you keep lots of financial data on your Palm, then you’d expect some ability to analy ze your data. Sure enough, you can reconcile the accounts on the PDA, adjust balances, and purge records. SplashMoney will even generate budgets and reports. You can track your progress on the budget real-time as you shop or argue with your spouse (just kidding on that last bit).

Many Quicken-like features may be found in SplashMoney. These include scheduled transactions with reminders. SplashMoney also supports a variety of currencies. It includes password security for accessing the databases, but I saw no mention of encryption.

SplashMoney provides a powerful financial tracking capability in the palm of your hand which readily synchroni zes with the most popular desktop programs. You can pick it up for $19.95 USD as a stand alone application.


Very Quicken-like in execution and capabilities

Reports and budgets can make carrying the data worthwhile

Consistent interface with the rest of the suite

Flexible HotSync options


No encryption




screen shot

SplashWallet 5

Now that we’ve been through the pieces, let’s talk about the whole. As I said in the beginning, these apps scratch a number of common itches. I come away particularly impressed with SplashID, but also with the commonality of interface across the suite and the high quality of their desktop companion programs. There are, course, competing applications to those reviewed here, some freeware. With a few notable exceptions, these commercial, shareware, and freeware competitors lack a quality desktop companion application. In the end, this valuable feature sets SplashWallet apart, but not to take away from the high quality of the individual handheld components. I found no problems with any of the applications on my Palm Tungsten|T3 or on my WindowsXP Pro PC.

SplashWallet sells for $49.95, about half of the price of totaling the individual apps separately. Upgrade from version 4 runs just $9.95.

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SplashWallet 5


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