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Palm OS software: for Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor and TRGpro PDAs


Document Viewers and Editors, Graphics Viewers and more

Title Description Company URL
Aportis Doc Pro
A must-have! It allows you to read the thousands of freely distributed reference docs available on the web. Docs are searchable and bookmarkable. You can also make your own docs if you buy Aportis' software for doc-making. Aportis
CSpotRun Free lightweight reader for documents in the popular Doc format. Targeted at those who do not want a commercial viewer but prefer something smaller and simpler. Bill Clagett see popular shareware sites such as
Documents to Go Bundled in light and pro versions with many Palm models. Think of it as the MS Office for the Palm OS. That doesn't mean it's made by Microsoft, rather it allows to read and edit MS Word, Excel and view/run Powerpoint presentations. It also supports text files and .rtf files. The Pro version supports Powerpoint and includes a bundle kit to view PDFs and images. The Standard version allows you to transfer view and edit Word and Excel docs (no Powerpoint). DataViz
iambic Office Transfer, read and edit Word and Excel docs on your Palm. Supports Windows only. Supports more spreadsheet functions than any other spreadsheet app on the Palm, and can even do charts. Iambic
HandStory Suite A coverter plus reader for your Palm. Converts text, Word files, images and html pages and downloads them to your Palm. The reader app allows you to read ebooks, docs and view images, so you don't need separate applications for each of these on your Palm. Inexpensive. Handstory
iSilo html web page viewer. View web pages saved to your Palm OS device. DC & Co
MobileDB A must-have on the Palm. Can be used to read many freely available databases such as zip code, area code and other databases. The pay-for version gives you the ability to make your own databases which you can distribute. Mobile Generation
QuickOffice Convert and sync Word and Excel files to your Palm for viewing and editing. Includes QuickChart, a charting application that works in conjunction with spreadsheets. Cutting Edge Software
TealDoc Doc viewer and doc maker products. Very popular, can read several doc formats. TealPoint
Word Doc Converter Convert MS Word 97 and later docs into Palm docs (Windows only) Pontius see popular shareware sites such as

Image Viewers and Editors, Movie Viewers

Title Description Company URL
FireViewer Popular and powerful image viewer that can display color, grayscale and b & w images, maps and etc.. The viewer is free. You can also get a desktop app to convert and download images to your Palm. Vertical and corporate solutions also available. Firepad
PhotoSuite The slickest image cataloger and viewer. Supports Video files .MOV, .AVI, .WMV .JPG, .TIF, .GIF, .PNG, .BMP. Has a desktop program that allows you to convert image files and create image catalogs that you can download to your Palm. They make similar products for Windows and Windows CE PDAs. MGI
Teal Paint A bitmap paint program with a nice palette of tools. Supports blank and white as well as color models. TealPoint
TealMovie Play .AVI and .Wav files on your Palm OS device. Allows you to store and playback files on your storage card as well as internal memory. TealPoint
Kinoma Player An absolutely indespensible movie player if you have a hi-res Clié or any color Palm. Plays movies in gMovie format and Kinoma format. Supports Memory Stick, SD cards and full screen playback. Player is free, Producer (available for both Mac and PC), which allows you to make/convert movies is $30. Kinoma
AcidImage A fast image viewer (great replacement for the Clie Viewer). Works with JPEG, BMP and GIF images, no conversion required. Thumbnail views, pan, high res and high res + support. Red Mercury


Database programs, software development programs (read our database review!)

Title Description Company URL
CodeWarrior for Palm OS It's expensive at $450, but its the most full featured development environment to develop Palm OS applications and shared libraries. For Windows and Mac. Metrowerks
ListPro Make your own lists or use over 100 free lists available for download. Features alarms, indenting and outlining, item highlighting and color support. Ilium Software
MobileDB A must-have on the Palm. Can be used to read many freely available databases such as zip code, area code and other databases. The pay-for version gives you the ability to make your own databases which you can distribute. HandMark
NS Basic These folks do nothing but Basic all day long! Very friendly Visual Basic development environment for making Palm apps. Windows only. NSB
custom software Custom corporate solutions- databases, forms and more Green Mountain Software
Pendragon Forms Forms software and more. Design your own custom db and forms. Very powerful and fairly user-friendly. pendragon software
Java for Palm Java Development environment and runtime for the Pilot Waba SoftWare
dbNow A friendly, easy to use database application that runs on any Palm OS device and can be used with flat file databases. Pocket Express
HanDBase A powerful relational database that can read and write from Excel, Access and ODBC sources among others. Also available for PocketPC. DDH Software
thinkDB A full-featured relational dabase for Palm. Work with with several common desktop databases. Works with many barcode readers, and other peripherals. ThinkingBytes
JFile and JFile Pro JFile includes support for encrypting databases, movement to and from VFS memory cards, more color, calculated fields, and more. A popular and mature product. There are several desktop utilites that allow you to convert Access, Filemaker and CSV files to Jfile. A desktop database reader is also available. Land-J Technologies


Internet, communications and e-mail

Software Title Description Company URL
AvantGo! Popular offline web browser. Download specialized web pages (called "channels") from your Mac or PC to your Palm OS computer to read offline. Subscribe to the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Variety and other free channels. AvantGo!
Auctioneer track ebay auctions on your Palm using and a modem or offline. Setocorp
BeamLink 2.0 Use the Skytel/MCI 2-way pager and network to Send and Receive E-mail messages wirelessly with your Palm III. JP Systems
Blazer Probably the most full featured Internet browser. Supports cookies and 128 bit SSL encryption. By Handspring, but works on any TCP/IP capable Palm OS device connecting with a regular or wireless modem (including the Kyocera 6035 and Samsung I300 smartphones). Does not work on the Palm i705. Handspring
Gopher King Access your email using a Palm VII, i705, Omnisky enabled PDA, or Kyocera 6035 smartphone. Supports multiple accounts, including POP3 and Hotmail, usenet newsgroups and more! Simply a killer app. Available as a web clipping app or your can use it via a web browser. Yearly fee for service. Gopher King
MultiMail Pro Internet e-mail client Actual Software
PageNow! Software to send pages to pagers mark/space
Call History Enhancement for the Kyocera 6035: accurately track minutes used month-by-month on your call plan. Breaks out voice and data calls. More... NSC
ThinAirMail Primarily for the Palm VII and the Palm i705, but will work on any PQA capable Palm OS device with a wireless or traditional modem (smartphones, Palm OS devices running Palm OS 4.0 or greater except the M100 & M105). Free. There's also a corporate edition for sale which includes mail server software. ThinAirApps ThinAirMail
Palm Web Clipping Apps *also called WCAs and PQAs. These are web clipping applications that can be used on the Palm VII, i705, Kyocera Smartphone and any other wireless Palm OS PDA that supports web clipping. There are over 1,000 available and they're free!. Check out Palm's site first. various Palm's list of WCAs


Personal Productivity and Financial Software

Title Description Company URL
Formulas An easier way to make formulas Stand Alone Software
PocketMoney- personal accounting software- very full featured! Import and export data to MS Money and Quicken. They also make MPG- a fuel milage tracker and CheckPlease which calculates restaurant tips and bill splitting for those of you who go Dutch Catamount Software
Pocket Quicken Here's Quicken for your handheld! Interfaces with desktop Quicken so you can keep your PDA and desktop in sync. Landware
ExpensAble Track your expenses while on the road and upload them to your desktop or use with th online service. Does all calculations for you, memorizes expense types, calculates mileage, handles split transactions and more. Landware
QuickSheet Palm OS spreadsheet viewer and editor, compatible with Excel, includes QuickChart. Can automatically sync Excel docs to your Palm. Cutting Edge Software
SplashMoney Full-featured personal finance app. Supports many account types. Upload data to MS Money and Quicken. Splashdata
StockPro Track your stock portfolio with StockPro. Shows how much you've invested and how much you have earned for multiple portfolios. Over 15 different statistics you can view. Allows you to get the latest stock
prices from the Internet delivered to your Palm Organizer either directly by using a Palm Modem or indirectly by HotSyncing.
TinySheet A full-featured Excel-like spreadsheet for Palm devices. iambic Software
Home Buying for Digerati A program that helps you in your search for a new home. Features include home database, mortgage calculator and a backgrounder with advice on the dos and don'ts of purchasing a home. AptHand


Contacts & Calendar managment/ Travel/ Sales Force Automation

Title Description Company URL
Actioneer automates input into built-in apps Actioneer
Sales Warrior,
Contacts tracking, expense tracking, sales automation software, time tracking. iambic Software
Zagat Restaurant Guide Have the Zagat guide to restaurants in the Palm of your hand. Landware
Street Atlas USA maps and GPS Delorme
DateMan Calendaring and contacts program beats the built-in programs on your Palm. Stand Alone Software
ACT Link! Act! For you Palm OS device. Interact (formerly Symantec)
DateBK5 A calendar that's head and shoulders above the built-in Palm calendar. Handspring's Datebbook + uses DateBK3 technology. All proceeds got to the Gorilla Haven in Georgia. Pimlico Software


Utilities (sync, handwriting recognition, security)

Title Description Company URL
AutoLock 1.0 for Palm OS Password your Palm (requires OS 3.5 or higher). Catamount Software
BackupBuddy Excellent and popular program for backing up and restoring ALL data on your Palm, including 3rd party apps, data and the contents of your storage card. BackupBuddy
BugMe! Sticky ink notes plus reminders for your Palm. Very popular. BugMe and Handtap
Collins foreign language dictionaries Harper Collins bilingual dictionaries. English to French, Italian, German or Spanish. ~100,000 words. $35 TomTom (Palmtop software)
eWallet Use eWallet on the Palm OS platform to store, protect, and back up your bank account info, passport data, credit card PINs and much more. Encrypts and password-protects you info both on your Palm OS handheld and desktop PC when you want it. Can also sync to Pocket PC. Ilium Software
Formulas An easier way to make formulas. Stand Alone Software
JackFlash Get up to 40% more memory without modifying your hardware. JackFlash allows you to use the unused portion of your Palm's flashROM to store apps and data (Flash ROM is where the OS lives). Brayder Technologies Inc.
Jot! Handwriting recognition software that allows you to write ANYWHERE on the screen, not just in the Grafitti area. Communication Intelligence Corp.
QuickNotes Pro Write ink notes with this application. Communication Intelligence Corp.
Sign-On Secure your Palm using biometric signature verification. Lock your Palm using triple DES encryption. Only your signature will unlock the unit. Really works well, only $20, no codes or PINs to remember. Communication Intelligence Corp.
SilverScreen One of the coolest launcher out there! Great user interface, pretty to look at, with useful items such as a trash can, beaming and recently used programs at your stylus tip. Supports Sony hi-res, including NR70's hi-res+. Supports standard high res on all Palm OS 5 devices. PocketSensei
AirClock An alarm clock, complete with snooze function, and midi alarms. Nice interface. It can even turn on your TV, stereo or any other device with IR at the time you specify. AirSpell


Medical Reference and Applications

Title Description Company URL
Medical Abbreviations Dictionary The world's largest database of medical, pharma, biotech, agrochem and healthcare abbreviations (and their meanings). 46,000 entries. Pharma-Lexicon
PDR The Physician's Desk Reference available for Palm and Handspring on a Springboard module. Franklin
Patient Tracker Create comprehensive documentation on the go with note creation, which can automatically include lab results, vital signs, radiology/test reports, and portions of previous notes. Beam Patient Tracker data to other users. Desktop counterpart available. They make many other medical titles!


Development Tools and IDEs

Title Description Company URL
CodeWarrior The standard for Palm OS development. The IDE includes an editor, project manager, C/C++ compiler, linker, and target device interface that enables source and assembly level debugging. Metrowerks
MobileVB Develop Visual Basic applications for Palm OS using MS Visual Basic and Mobile VB. A very popular product. AppForge
daVinci The Data Architect for Palm OS is a database code generator for use with Metrowerks Codewarrior 8 for Palm OS. da Vinci provides an interface for the design of Palm OS databases and generates code in C which can be edited as needed in CodeWarrior.
ETS Inc.
NS Basic These folks do nothing but Basic all day long! Very friendly Visual Basic development environment for making Palm apps. Windows only. NS Basic


Reference and Reading

Title Description Company URL
Palm Reader Free ebook reader that allows you to read books purchased from Palm Digital Media & Peanut Press. Great stuff! A pro version is available, but it's not free. Palm Digital Media (formerly Peanut Press)
Bible with You One of the best Bible software packages available for Palm OS. Many versions available (KJV, MSG, NASB, etc), Concordances available and more. GMP Soft


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