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Pocket PC, Handheld PC 2000 and Windows CE software

Document Viewers, Editors Office Enhancements and more

Title Description Company URL
AutoGraph Create graphs from Pocket Excel spreadsheets right from your PDA and copy/paste them into Pocket Word documents. AutoGraph also allows you to save graphs to image files for modification. Developer One, Inc.
HPC Notes Lite, Standard and Pro versions available- advanced note-taking enviroment allows for searching, sorting and more. PhatWare
Pocket Slide Show Pocket SlideShow is a PowerPoint® presentation viewer for the Pocket PC. Features include full-screen slide shows, with optimized display and animations, also allows you to rearrange or even merge presentations directly on your Pocket PC and Handheld PC 2000 PDA (Jornada 720 & Mobile Pro 790).
Palm Reader Read Palm Reader format books on your Pocket PC with this free application Peanut Press (owned by Palm)


Image Viewers and Editors
Title Description Company URL
Image Expert CE View images from your digital camera (using CompactFlash card from camera, inserted into your PDA). Annotate them with ink notes or text. Email them and synch them to your Windows PC. Sierra Imaging
PicturePerfect Make electronic photo albums, make slide shows, add MP3 tracks, rotate images, view full screen. Very popular. Applian Technologies
Resco PictureViewer Digital Photo Album. Displays images in RAB, BMP, 2BP, JPG, JPE, JPEG, GIF, PCX, PCD, TIF, TIFF formats (that's a lot!). Action button, or stylus manipulation, zoom, rotation, slide show feature. Very nice. Resco
Palbum Picture Viewer A snappy picture viewer that supports JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PNG formats. It has thumbnail view and panning, zooming, rotating and fit to screen mode. Works with 12 bit 4,096 displays as well as 16 bit. Spb Software House

Database Programs, Software Development Programs (read our database review!)

Title Description Company URL
Custom solutions Databases, forms and more for corporate users Green Mountain Software
HPC DbExplorer A tool that allows you to browse and manage databases on your mobile device PhatWare
MobileSphere Collaboration tool for corporate users. River Run Software
NS Basic/CE The Basic programming lanuage ported to WinCE NS Basic Corp.
MobileDB A must-have on the Palm and Pocket PC. Can be used to read many freely available databases such as zip code, area code and other databases. The pay-for version gives you the ability to make your own databases which you can distribute. HandMark
HanDBase A powerful relational database that can read and write from Excel, Access and ODBC sources among others. Also available for Palm. DDH Software


Internet, Communications and e-mail
Title Description Company URL
Mail on the Run! Provides remote access to most popular mailing systems such as Lotus Notes¨ Mail, Microsoft Exchange Server¨, Lotus cc:Mail¨,Microsoft Mail¨, and Novell GroupWise¨. River Run Software
NetProfile Allows to you save multiple TCP/Ip network profiles for your ethernet card in your PDA so that you need not manually change network settings when changing locations PhatWare
bFAX A full-featured fax application bSQUARE
AvantGo! Popular offline web browser. Download specialized web pages (called "channels") from your Mac or PC to your Palm OS computer to read offline. Subscribe to the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Variety and other free channels. AvantGo!
Connect Force, Internet Force, Scotty FTP, Shell Force, Telnet Force, TFTP Force Popular and useful 'Net programs for traditional connectivity such as FTP, Telent and shell access. Ruksun Software
vxFtp A great ftp program. Supports passive mode, anon ftp, View, rename and delete local and remote files.
Make and remove local and remote directories. For HPCs and Pocket PCs. They also make an ftp server for WinCE.
Cambridge Computer Corp.
vxUtils Free! Includes DNS Audit , DNS Lookup , Finger , Get HTML, IP Subnet Calculator , Password Generator,Ping , Port Scanner , Quote, Time Service, Trace Route and Whois. For Pocket PCs, WinCE Pro and HPCs. Cambridge Computer Corp.
ceipConfig A handy free utility that allows you to examine the properties of your current network adapters and their TCP/IP information. In addition, you can release an adapter's DHCP lease or renew it. This is extremely useful when shifting between wireless networks and those times when your Pocket PC just doesn't manage to pick up those Internet settings. Works on ARM-based Pocket PCs. Furrygoat
Thunderhawk A way cool web browser that takes the next step Pocket IE never did. Supports html 4, javascript, CSS1, SSL and more. Allows you to view web pages in landscape mode in ~ 640 x 480 resolution using image compression and a Bitstream font set design to look good in small sizes on the Pocket PC. Read our review here. Yearly subscription fee, software itself is free. Bitstream
Gopher King Browser-based email service that handles POP, IMAP, Hotmail and most all ISPs email settings and protocols. Includes SPAM files and virus scanning of attachments. Read our review here. Yearly subscription fee. Gopher King
PocketWiNc PocketWiNc is a full featured WiFi sniffer that tells you the SSID, BSSID, channel, MAC address, signal strength and WEP details for WiFi access points within range. Get detailed status on access points and your connection. It also offers ping, traceroute and release/renewing of your Pocket PC's IP address. Cirond


Personal Productivity and Financial software
Title Description Company URL
Calcy Force Free scientific calculator Ruksun Software
Expense Force Free expense tracker Ruksun Software
PocketMoney Personal accounting software, awesome! Faster than MS Money. Catamount Software
PoQuick Money Available in Lite, Pro and Enterprise versions. Financial money manager with many features. Track your bank and credit card accounts, graph your income and expenses, view P&L ledgers and more. The most powerful financial money manger available for Pocket PCs. Mastersoft Mobile Solutions mastersoftmobile
Omnisolve Advanced forms-based financial problem solver combined with a built-in finance calculator.


Contacts managment/ Travel/ Sales Force Automation software
Software Title Description Company URL
TimeReporter, ExpenseDirector Time and expense tracking software iambic Software
Street Atlas USA maps and GPS Delorme
All in Sync! Remotely access your calendaring and scheduling info on your server. River Run Software
Zagat To Go Have the Zagat guide to restaurants in the Palm of your hand. Covers 30 cities and also has nightlife listings for NYC, LA, San Francisco and New Orleans. Includes a subscription so you can download updated lists. Zagat Survey


Utilities (sync, handwriting recognition, security)
Software Title Description Company URL
Calligrapher Handwriting recognition software for Pocket PCS and Handheld PCs. You can write in script, print and mixed. Great for Handheld PCs since they don't come with handwriting recognition. Avail. in English, French, German Spanish. Phatware/Paragraph
eWallet Use eWallet to store, protect, and back up your bank account info, passport data, credit card PINs and much more. Encrypts and password-protects you info both on your handheld and desktop PC when you want it. A must have! ilium Software
Flash Format Get detailed info about your storage cards, repair them and format them. Supports Pocket PC, HPC 2000 and WinCE pro devices. Work with CompactFlash, SD and MMC cards. Very useful and afordable, don't leave home without it! CNetX
Jot! handwriting recognition software that allows you to write ANYWHERE on the screen! Communication Intelligence
HPC Spell Spell checker than includes an English dictionary of 90,000 words PhatWare
HPC Translate A utility that allows the user to translate single words from one language to another. Spanish and English are included. French and German also available as ad-ons. Dictionaries contain about 30,000 words. PhatWare
ListPro Powerful and flexible, but very simple list manager. Projects, collections, shopping, auctions, errands, to-do's and more. ilium Software
QuickNotes Pro Write ink notes Communication Intelligence
Resco FileExplorer A file explorer for your PDA that's more powerful and full-featured than the built-in file explorer. Resco
Resco Zipper A fully PC-compatible zip/unzip utility for your Pocket PC. Try it to: send & receive your e-mail attachments in zip format, compess storage card files and encrypt zip files on your PDA.
Intellisync Need to sync Public folders or folders other than the default in and out boxes? Also supports Lotus Notes, Groupwise and more. Pumatech
Nyditot Virtual Display A cool and stable utility that allows you to change the resolution and orientation of the display. Want to view at a virtual 800 x 600 in landscape mode? Give Nyditot a try. nyditot
Storage Tools Works with WinCE 2.11 through Pocket PC 2002. Older Palm PC users rejoice. This utility works with CF cards, Microdrives, PC Cards, MMC and SD cards. Allows you to get detailed info about your storage card, verify/repair it, format it and even defragment it. SoftWinter
CrunchIt Compression utilities supporting ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2 and JAR file formats. It and integrates with File Explorer and other Pocket PC applications so that working with compressed files is made easy. It also includes file encryption and decryption so that users can secure and share their data over the Internet. NSC


Language Translation/ Educational

Software Title Description Company URL
Traveler's Companion Chinese Translates common words and phrases you'll need when travelling to China (or even Chinatown!). Translates to pinyin, Traditional and Simplifed. Also speaks sentences for you using SpeechWorks International text-to-speech technology. EasyTap Software
ChinaFlash! You guessed it: digital Flash Cards to help you lean Chinese with 11 lessons and 500+ characters. Has Simplified, Traditional and Pinyin. Very reasonably priced. EasyTap Software


Medical Reference and Applications

Title Description Company URL

Medical Abbreviations Dictionary

The world's largest database of medical, pharma, biotech, agrochem and healthcare abbreviations (and their meanings). 46,000 entries. Pharma-Lexicon


Development Tools and IDEs

Title Description Company URL
NS Basic/CE The Basic programming lanuage ported to WinCE NS Basic Corp.
eMbedded Visual Tools 3.0 & Pocket PC 2002 SDK The standard for Pocket PC and WinCE development. And it's free! The IDE includes an editor, project manager, C/C++ compiler, Visual Basic compiler, linker, and an emmulator. Microsoft
MobileVB Develop Visual Basic applications for Pocket PC (and Palm and Symbian) using MS Visual Basic and Mobile VB. A very popular product. AppForge


Reference and Reading

Title Description Company URL
Palm Reader Free ebook reader that allows you to read books purchased from Palm Digital Media & Peanut Press. Great stuff! A pro version is available, but it's not free. Palm Digital Media (formerly Peanut Press)


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