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ATP SD and Mini SD Memory Cards
Posted Jan. 3, 2005 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief

ATP Mini SD Card

Gosh, do we need yet another storage format? Yes we do because mobile phones are getting smaller and even an SD card slot would make the devices too large. Among others, the most recent Windows Mobile Smartphones use these cards.

Mini SD cards are the same width as standard SD cards but are only half as long. They use the same connector as standard SD cards, but you will need an adapter to use them in devices that take standard SD cards. ATP does include the adapter with their card, as does SanDisk. We used the adapter to test the ATP card in a variety of SD slots: Pocket PC, palmOne, a digital camera and a card reader and all worked fine.

Of course, you're buying this card because you have a mobile phone with a mini SD slot and the card works perfectly in those. We tested the card in the Motorola MPx220, Orange SPV C500 and Audiovox SMT5600 and it worked flawlessly. The card's fast write times are ideal for devices like the MPx220 which has a 1.23MP camera that results in larger files which take longer to write than VGA images. Don't confuse Mini SD cards with Nokia's new RS-MMC cards which are used in recent phones like the Nokia 7610. They look the same but these Nokias can only use RS-MMC cards, which ATP also sells.

ATP makes a very fast card that beats out the SanDisk Mini SD card in our tests. And ATP is always the first to market with very high capacity cards, so if you have serious storage needs, do check out their cards. In fact, they were the first company to offer a 512 meg Mini SD card. Speed and high capacity usually mean high prices, but ATP's cards are reasonably priced.

5 year warranty, price varies by capacity

web site:


Benchmarks Using VFSMark on the Tungsten T3


ATP mini SD card

card packaging


Deals and Shopping


ATP 512 meg Mini SD Card

File Create: 1082%
File Delete: 931%
File Write: 69%
File Read: 736%
File Seek: 842%
DB Export: 185%
DB Import: 794%
Record Access: 1034%
Resource Access: 1010%

VFSMark: 742

256 meg SanDisk Mini SD Card

File Create: 378%
File Delete: 194%
File Write: 61%
File Read: 682%
File Seek: 786%
DB Export: 82%
DB Import: 770%
Record Access: 770%
Resource Access: 738%

VFSMark: 495


ATP 60X 2 Gig SD Card Pro

ATP makes SD cards in a variety of capacities, but their new 2 gig SD card is one of the few very high capacity SD cards as of press time. Not only does it hold a whopping 2 gigs of data, but it's extremely fast too. Their 60x card beats out one of our all time favorite speed kings, the Kingston Elite Pro SD card. Despite the amazing performance, which usually carries a hefty premium, ATP cards are reasonably priced.

ATP claims their cards are very durable and if you visit their booth at tech trade shows, you'll see their cards immersed in fish tanks to prove that point. While we didn't give this card a bath, it's reassuring to know it should survive an accidental trip through the washer (do let the card dry out completely before using it, should you soak it).

The image below shows ATP's encapsulation method which shows the protective molding used to protect the delicate innards of your card.

5 year warranty, price varies by capacity

web site:

Deals and Shopping


ATP 2 gig SD card
ATP card in package



Benchmarks Using VFSMark on the Tungsten T3

ATP 60X 2 Gig SD Card Pro

File Create: 1006%
File Delete: 833%
File Write: 53%
File Read: 760%
File Seek: 983%
DB Export: 176%
DB Import: 867%
Record Access: 978%
Resource Access: 960%

VFSMark: 740

256 meg Kingston Elite Pro SD Card

File Create: 140%
File Delete: 82%
File Write: 31%
File Read: 725%
File Seek: 1475%
DB Export: 845%
DB Import: 1230%
Record Access: 928%
Resource Access: 893%

VFSMark: 621

256 meg SanDisk Standard SD Card

File Create: 37%
File Delete: 18%
File Write: 26%
File Read: 311%
File Seek: 453%
DB Export: 20%
DB Import: 393%
Record Access: 425%
Resource Access: 384%

VFSMark: 229


ATP 512 Meg RS-MMC Card

Those of you who own one of the more recent cell phones which feature cameras and RS-MMC slots will appreciate ATP's line of RS-MMC media. Available in high capacities and benchmarking very well, these cards are the perfect companion to the phones like the Nokia 7610.

Not only that, the cards can withstand punishment— the folks at ATP encouraged us to abuse the 512 meg RS-MMC card they sent us, and so we did!

burried ATP card

First we planted it in the muddy soil outside our offices. Then we hosed it off thoroughly.

hosing off the RS-MMC card

We dried it off with towel paper, then used it in our Nokia phone and Palm Tungsten T3. No problems: no data loss, no bad behavior. Good as new! Excellent.

5 year warranty, price varies by capacity

web site:

ATP card in packaing


Deals and Shopping


Benchmarks Using VFSMark on the Tungsten T3

ATP 512 MB RS-MMC Card

File Create: 696%
File Delete: 693%
File Write: 30%
File Read: 211%
File Seek: 694%
DB Export: 105%
DB Import: 625%
Record Access: 470%
Resource Access: 451%

VFSMark: 441

SanDisk 64 MB MMC Card (standard size, not RS)

File Create: 247%
File Delete: 336%
File Write: 97%
File Read: 235%
File Seek: 786%
DB Export: 56%
DB Import: 693%
Record Access: 517%
Resource Access: 505%

VFSMark: 385




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