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Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband Speakerphone

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What's hot: Full and clear voice quality, speaker on the go, lightweight.

What's not: Caller ID doesn’t function well.


Review posted September 2010 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor

The Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband Speakerphone doesn’t look like a Bluetooth headset, and it functions more like a car kit, except you wear it on your wrist and can take it anywhere with you. The Bluetooth Wristband has built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR that works with mobile devices with Bluetooth for either hands-free calling or music playback via A2DP. Though small, the speakerphone sounds great for voice calls and for music playback.

Atomic9 Bluetooth speaker


The Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband speaker has an innovative design that’s fit for a spy movie. The wristband speaker comes in two colors: white and gunmetal grey. It’s very easy to slip it on your wrist and it doesn’t feel heavy even if you wear it all day. For users who want to use their car kit speaker in and out of their cars, the Atomic9 Wristband is a good alternative. It’s also perfect for jogging and biking. The only thing you will need to get used to is that when you are in a call you will need to talk to your wrist (imagine yourself as Steve Carell in Get Smart).

The Bluetooth Wristband has easy-to-use controls. The call send/end button sits right on top of the wristband sharing the space with the speaker and the LED light. The volume buttons live on the side along with the charging port. You can wear the wristband on either arm, and the size of the wristband should fit small to medium wrists comfortably. If you have super beefy wrists you might find it a bit too tight.


Behind the novel design, the Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband speakerphone works like most Bluetooth speakers. Pairing the Atomic9 is easy: press and hold the call button with the wristband off until the LED light flashes blue and red alternately, user your Bluetooth phone or device to find and connect with the wristband. We tested the speakerphone with several Bluetooth mobile phones and it paired with all easily. Since the Bluetooth speaker has Bluetooth v2.1, it can pair with multiple devices, but it can only connect with one device at a time.

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Call Features

The Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband speakerphone supports many voice call features including voice dialing, caller ID announcement, call waiting, mute speaker and outgoing voice and more. Call management functions, such as rejecting calls, redialing last number and 3-way calling, all worked well on the Atomic9 speaker. The only thing that’s not well designed is the caller ID announcement. It uses Text-to-Speech to read the incoming number instead of integrating with phone’s address book. This means you won’t hear “John Smith” as caller ID, instead you will hear John Smith’s phone number, all ten digits. The caller ID announcement comes on very late, and before it reads out the full number, the call has already gone into voice mail.

The Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband speaker has both ringtone and vibration notifications when a call comes in. And if you miss a call, the wristband will also vibrate to let you know that you’ve missed a call.

Atomic9 Bluetooth speaker

Music Features

The Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband supports A2DP and AVRCP, and it works with Bluetooth devices for audio playback (this includes games, videos and of course music). The speakerphone is super portable for music playback, and the music fades when a call comes and the wristband will play a ringtone and vibrate to alert you of the incoming call. You can use the wristband to control music playback as well, though it takes a bit of practice to master music controls since play/pause/stop requires a two-button combo press. You can also change songs, fast forward/rewind and change volume for music playback. We tested the Atomic9 with many devices that have A2DP, and it worked flawlessly with all.

Voice and Audio Quality

For a speaker this small, the Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband has surprisingly good audio quality and loud volume. Voice calls sound good on both incoming and outgoing ends, and the unit has a strong DSP. We tested voice calls on the iPhone 4, the Motorola i1 Android smartphone, the Samsung Vibrant Android smartphone and more; the Atomic9 sounded clear and loud with all of them. The DSP managed to filter out most road noise without losing too much voice clarity. Music, movie and game audio are also very clear and full for a speaker this size, and volume is loud.

Battery Life

The Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband speaker has decent battery life with talk time reaching about 3.5 hours and standby reaching 5 days. The Wristband has a micro USB charging port and it comes with a world 100V-240V AC charger. There is no in-car charger available at the moment for the Bluetooth wristband speaker. When the battery life gets low, the LED will flash red every 30 seconds to remind you to charge the speaker. The red light turns solid when you plug it into power, and it will turn blue once the speaker is fully charged.


Lighter than most jewelry watches, the Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband speaker is quite an interesting hands-free product. Its unconventional form will attract adventurous mobile users as well as those who want to keep their car speaker with them in and out of the car. The voice and music quality are surprisingly good and full. The wristband speaker has the latest Bluetooth technology and a decent range. It won’t fit everyone’s lifestyle, but if you are a Dick Tracy fan, there isn’t anything cooler than the Atomic9 as your hands-free solution!

Pro: Full and clear voice quality, speaker on the go.

Con: Caller ID doesn’t function well.

Package contains: The Atomic9 Bluetooth Wristband Speakerphone, AC charger and printed menu.

Technical Specs:
-Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR
-Profiles supported: Hands-free, Headset, A2DP and AVRCP
-Claimed talk time: 5 hours
-Claimed standby time: 6.6 days
-Headset weight: 1 oz.
-AC adapter: 100-240v.


Price: $99.99

Web site:





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