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BlueGate 56k Modem from ENR Technologies: for Palm, Pocket PC , PCs and Macs
Posted Aug. 17, 2003 by Lisa Gade, Editor-in-Chief

Just because you're tied to a dialup account using a land line modem, it doesn't mean your PDA or computer needs to be tied to the modem via a cable. If you dial into an ISP or corporate dialup account using a traditional modem that plugs into a phone jack and have a Bluetooth enabled PDA, then you can use the BlueGate 56k Modem.


The BlueGate is a 56k v92 modem that's housed in a translucent blue plastic casing. The modem comes with a power adapter and phone line and a CD that includes the manual and a modem description file for Mac OS X. You don't need drivers if you're using Windows 98 or newer, OS X 10.2 or higher on the Mac or a Pocket PC or Palm OS PDA that has Bluetooth, because standard Bluetooth modem drivers are pre-installed. The BlueGate has a power switch and front LEDs indicating Bluetooth operation and standard modem functions such as SD (send data), RD (receive data), CD (carrier data), OH (off hook) and power. The modem has a Class 2 Bluetooth radio which can connect to PDAs and computers within a 20 to 30 foot range.

Setting up your PDA and Using the Modem

If you're using a Bluetooth enabled Palm OS PDA such as the Palm Tungsten, Sony Clié TG50, NZ90 or any other Clie plus Sony's Memory Stick Bluetooth card, you'll configure the modem by entering settings under Bluetooth in preferences. Make sure your Palm OS PDA is discoverable, then go to Trusted Devices and have your Palm discover the BlueGate modem. You'll enter the (long!) passcode printed on a label on the modem's underside, and the Palm and modem should pair. Then create a new connection, connecting to Modem via Bluetooth. Once you've done this, you can go to Network under Preferences and select (or create a new ISP setting) your ISP and set the modem to be the Bluetooth modem you just created under Connections. I tested the modem with a Sony Clié NX80V and Sony's Bluetooth Memory Stick and all went well.

Since Bluetooth software varies on Pocket PCs, rather than being standardized in the OS like Palm PDAs, I'll describe the general method of configuring a Pocket PC to use the modem. I tested the modem with the iPAQ 2215's built-in Bluetooth and a Belkin CF Bluetooth card in a Dell Axim X5 Advanced.

First you'll need to use the Bluetooth Wizard on your Pocket PC to discover the modem. Then you'll enter the passcode found on the underside of the modem so that you can pair the devices. Once you've done this, and made sure the BlueGate is assigned to use the Dialup Networking profile on your Pocket PC, you're done setting up the modem. (Likely the Pocket PC will see the BlueGate as a Bluetooth fax). Finally edit or create a new connection and enter your dialup ISP settings with the BlueGate set as the modem.


If you need a dialup 56k connection and have a Bluetooth enabled PDA then the BlueGate 56k Modem from ENR Technologies is a great solution. While Bluetooth isn't famously friendly, you should find setting up the modem fairly painless. The modem's connection to the ISP was reliable with good transmission speeds, and the Bluetooth connection to our PDAs was also robust.

If you're interested in an IR 56k dialup modem for your PDA or notebook, check out our ENR Technologies Pegasus III modem review.

ENR Technologies, $149.99


BlueGate 56k Bluetooth modem


ENR Tech BlueGate Bluetooth modem and Sony Clie SJ30




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