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by Lisa Gade, Editor-in-Chief

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General PDA FAQ
If you're new to the world of PDAs, read this first.

How to Rip DVDs to Palm, Pocket PC and Smartphones

Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Comparison Matrix
Comparing Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phones and PPC GPS models, with shopping comparison links.

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Comparison Matrix
Comparing Pocket PC and Pocket PC phones that run 2003 SE.

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003 Comparison
Comparing the Pocket PC 2003 brands.

Pocket PC 2002 Comparison
Comparing the older Pocket PC 2002 models and brands.

Memory Expansion Cards Explained and Compared
There are so many kinds of storage cards out there, and your PDA may be able to use more than one kind. CompactFlash, SD card, MMC card: we discuss them all here! Includes product reviews and comparisons.

Here's the lowdown on how GPS technology works. Includes links to product reviews.

Which PDAs work with the Mac, and how to get them connected.

Bluetooth FAQ and Product Roundup: Information on Bluetooth and in-depth setup and installation of several popular products for your PDA, notebook and PC: CF cards, SD cards, printer modules, and USB adapters.

Moving from Palm to Pocket PC and Vice Versa: thinking about making the switch from Palm to Pocket PC or Pocket PC to Palm? Wondering how to get your contacts, calendar and other info into your new PDA? Then this article is for you.

Comparing Office Applications for Palm OS
Need to work with Word and Excel documents on your Palm? Read our comparison of Documents to Go Pro, Quickoffice and iambic Office for Palm OS PDAs. We provide extensive comparison tables of word processor, spreadsheet and desktop applications.






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