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MoGo Talk XD

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What's hot: Good quality case, headset is very slim.

What's not: Outgoing voice quality is mediocre.


Review posted January 2011 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor

We’ve reviewed the MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset and case for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS that worked very well with its intended partners and pretty well with other mobile phones. ID8 Mobile updated the line to MoGo Talk XD and now offers it for the iPhone 4. The new headset comes with an iPhone 4 case with integrated headset holder and charger, while the headset design remains largely the same as the last gen MoGo Talk. The new headset however doesn’t work very well with the iPhone 4 in terms of voice quality, but oddly it works better with some other phone models.

MoGo Talk XD


Like the last gen MoGo Talk, the MoGo Talk XD Bluetooth headset is slim and can plug into the back of the included iPhone 4 case while charging or not in use. Though very slim, the headset can actually fit in your ear comfortably thanks to the unique design. The earpiece of the headset can swivel and comes with a bagful of rubber tips that allow the headset to fit in either ear (left and right ear tips look different), and different sized ears (rubber tips come in small, medium and large). The MoGo measures only 0.2” thin, yet it can stay comfortably in your ear and feels relatively secure. So do try different rubber tips to find the one that fits you the best. The headset also weighs only 0.32 oz. (9g) and can certainly stay on your ear for long periods of time without wearing down the comfort level. The MoGo Talk XD has only one headset button that turns the power on and off, puts the headset into pairing mode, handles accepting, ending and rejecting calls and more. An LED light lives on the tip of the headset and will flash for battery status, pairing status and on/off indication.

The MoGo Talk XD case fits the iPhone firmly with all ports and buttons easily accessible. It’s also easy to put the case on and take it off thanks to the flexible thermo plastic sides. The case has a rigid back that’s made of hard polycarbonate shell to provide better protection for the iPhone 4. The case has a felt lining on the inside that won’t scratch your iPhone 4’s sensitive surface. The package comes with a USB charging cable and you can use either your computer or your iPhone AC adapter to charge the headset while it’s sitting in the case. The last gen MoGo Talk came with a film screen protector, but the MoGo Talk XD for iPhone 4 doesn’t offer it.

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Pairing and Features

The MoGo Talk XD has Bluetooth 2.1 and can pair with up to 5 devices. We paired the headset with several mobile devices in our tests, and it paired with all smoothly. To pair the MoGo Talk XD, press and hold the only button on the headset with power off until the LED flashes red and blue alternately, use your phone to discover and connect with the headset.

MoGo Talk XD

With only one control button on the MoGo Talk XD, you can accept calls, end calls, reject incoming calls and voice dial with the button. Voice dialing worked perfectly with the iPhone and other phones we’ve tested. The MoGo Talk XD doesn’t have volume control buttons, but it has built-in technology that senses ambient noise levels and adjusts volume on the headset automatically. You can also use your phone to change the volume.

Voice Quality and Range

The last gen MoGo Talk had clear voice when working with the iPhone 3GS, but the MoGo Talk XD has less clear voice with the iPhone 4 on the outgoing end. We also tested the MoGo Talk XD with other phones in case you iPhone 4 users out there have additional phones or devices in your gear bag. Here are the results of our voice quality and range tests:

When working with the iPhone 4:
The MoGo Talk XD had clear incoming voice with good volume. Outgoing voice wasn’t as clear, and in some cases had noticeable audio distortion. We could certainly hold a conversation, but outgoing audio sounded tinny at best. The DSP worked effectively to filter out car noise and some wind noise. Outgoing voice quality degraded when there were strong road noise and wind noise as the DSP went into full power. Range between the headset and the iPhone 4 reached 20 feet.

When working with the LG Quantum:
Again the MoGo Talk XD had clear incoming voice with auto adjusted volume set at the appropriate level. Conversations went smoothly, but outgoing voice had some echoing and audio distortion. The DSP worked effectively with the Quantum and range was about 20 feet.

When working with the Samsung Solstice II:
Similar to our experience with the iPhone 4, incoming voice was clean with good volume. But outgoing voice had more distortion and our caller asked us to repeat ourselves a couple of times. The DSP worked OK as the Solstice II itself has a weaker DSP, and range was about 18 feet.

Battery Life

The MoGo Talk XD for iPhone 4 has a built-in rechargeable battery that has about the same battery life as the last gen MoGo Talk. Talk time is about 4 hours and standby is about a week. Charging using the included USB/microUSB cable takes about 2 hours via AC or 3 hours via USB. Make sure to put the headset firmly into the case so the power conductors are connected.


We really liked the last gen MoGo Talk for the iPhone because it made a lot of sense to have a protective case and an effective headset in one. While we still like the concept, the quality of the new case and the slim headset, MoGo Talk XD for the iPhone 4 falls short on outgoing voice quality. The two-in-one set up still works, and the incoming quality is still very good. If you liked the last gen MoGo Talk and have an iPhone 4 now, the MoGo Talk XD is still worth a look, just as long as you can live with mediocre outgoing voice quality.
Pro: Good quality case, headset is very slim.

Con: Outgoing voice quality is mediocre.

Price: $99.99; $34.99 for the grip case only.

Web site:

In the box: the MoGo Talk XD headset, slim grip case, 6 eartips in different sizes for left and right ears, USB to microUSB cable and a printed quick start guide.


Bluetooth v2.1
Profile: Headset and Hands-Free
Size: 1.97 x 0.94 x 0.2 inches
Weight: 0.32 oz. (9 grams)
Talk time: 4 hours
Standby time: 1 week
Case: Double Shot Molded Hard Polycarbonate Shell + Thermo Plastic Elastomeric Edge; felt lined interior



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