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Motorola T325 Bluetooth in-Car Speakerphone

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What's hot: Very easy to use, loud and clear voice on most phones.

What's not: No AC charger included.


Review posted February 2010 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor

The Motorola T325 Bluetooth in-car speakerphone is larger than most of its predecessors, and thanks to the large body, the speakerphone offers two very loud speakers and a very large Talk button that’s easy to find and operate while driving. The Motorola T325 has Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR, and refined voice instructions and voice alerts. Pairing and connecting are easy and often automatic. The car kit also has storage space onboard to download your phone’s speed dial database and favorite contacts. The voice quality is clear and volume is loud. We tested the Motorola T325 with many phones and found it worked well with most of them.

Ease of Use

The Motorola T325 doesn't have a glamorous design, but the Bluetooth speakerphone is very functional. Measuring 3.27 x 3.27 x 0.94 inches, the square T325 is the right size for most cars’ windshield visors. The dual speakers share the large front surface with a large talk button. Since the talk button controls most call management functions (answering calls, voice dialing, last number redialing and ending calls), the large size makes it super easy to use while driving (when you should be keeping your eyes on the road). Other controls on the Motorola T325 speakerphone are a lot smaller, and these include: mute/favorite contacts button and the power slide on the front with the volume rocker on the side. The small LED strip and the mic also live on the front near the power switch.

Motorola T325

The Motorola T325 has Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR and supports Handset and Hands-Free profiles for making phone calls, and A2DP for music playback. It also has Phone Book Access Profile which allows the speakerphone to download the speed dial database from your phone to the speakerphone. Pairing the Moto T325 Bluetooth speakerphone is very easy: slide the power switch to the on position and hold it until the LED light turns solid blue and the speakerphone plays an audio tone. Use your phone to find and pair with the speakerphone. Pairing and connecting were fast and reliable in our tests.



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Once the T325 is paired and connected to your phone, it will automatically search the speed dial database and download it to the favorite contacts list stored on the speakerphone. The audio instructions will let you know when the download is complete and you can start using the speakerphone. The speakerphone can store up to 1,500 contacts, and you can scroll through the list using the volume buttons. You can also send phone book contacts manually from your phone to the speakerphone.

The Motorola T325 has sensors and power-saving technology onboard that allow you to leave the speakerphone on for a long period of time yet never have to wait for it to wake when you need to use it. The speakerphone automatically goes to sleep when your phone is more than 20 feet away or after 20 seconds of inactivity. When you return and open the car door, the T325 automatically wakes up and tries to reconnect with your phone. If you are using it in the office rather than in a car, moving the speakerphone also wakes it up (it has a motion sensor). Make sure to leave the power slider in the center position in order to take advantage of this feature. The audio guidance once again works its magic here: when the speakerphone wakes up and reconnects with your phone, the audio instructions tell you it has connected to your phone. It refers to your phone using the name listed in its Bluetooth profile. Every time the speakerphone turns on, the voice will also tell you the battery level. When a call comes in it states caller ID info, and it has other call-related speech prompts as well.

Motorola T325

Voice Quality  

The Motorola T325 has loud and clear speakers that can easily overcome road noise and in-car radio (though not when you blast the volume). The speakerphone had good voice quality with most of the phones we tested including Nokia phones, Motorola phones, the Google Nexus One and the iPhone 3GS. The voice quality wasn’t as stellar with some BlackBerry smartphones, and the Palm Pixi Plus did not work well with the T325 in the voice quality department at all. Here is some detailed info from our tests:

When working with the Google Nexus One:
The Motorola T325 had a very clear voice and loud volume when working with the Nexus One. Both incoming and outgoing voice were smooth, and all Hands-free call functions worked flawlessly. The DSP was effective; very little background noise came through. If you have a Nexus One, the Moto should be a good companion as your hands-free car kit.

When working with the Nokia N900:
The Motorola T325 sounded clear and loud when working with the Nokia N900. The voice quality was about the same or slightly less clear than the Nexus One, but it was still very good. The DSP also worked effectively in our driving tests. All call management functions worked well and the controls were quite easy with the Nokia N900.

When working with the iPhone 3GS:
The voice quality was also quite good when working with the iPhone 3GS, and the volume was very loud. The car kit helped us carry on smooth conversations and the DSP worked well in our road tests. There were some slight digital distortion that was generated by background noise, but this was slight and didn’t interrupt conversation. Call features such as redialing, voice dialing and more worked well on the iPhone 3GS.

When working with the BlackBerry 8530:
The voice quality was good on the BlackBerry 8530 but not as clear as on the Nexus One or the Nokia phones. There were some noticeable crackling and distortion on outgoing voice. The volume was very loud nonetheless, and the DSP worked reasonably well.

When working with the Palm Pixi Plus:
This Verizon phone did not play well with the Motorola car kit. Both incoming and outgoing voice quality were subpar with noticeable audio distortion and noise that interrupted conversation. The DSP performance also paled in comparison with other phones. If you have the Palm Pixi Plus you should look elsewhere for your in-car hands-free solution.

Battery Life

The Motorola T325 has strong battery life thanks partly to the automatic power management that sleeps the kit and turns it off after 300 of minutes inactivity. The claimed talk time is 17 hours and the claimed standby is 2.5 weeks. These are very respectable numbers for a battery-powered car kit. The T325 package comes with a microUSB car charger.


As an in-car hands-free solution, the Motorola T325 is a winner. It has a very good voice quality on most phones and super loud volume. The car kit is very easy to set up and use thanks to the sensible design, easy pairing and connecting experience and the accurate voice guidance. The speakerphone has a strong DSP, sensor activated power management and internal storage for phone book contacts and favorites. It should be a good in-car companion for most users.

Pro: Very easy to use, loud and clear voice on most phones.

Con: No AC charger included, so if you need to use it in the office often you will need to get an extra charger.

Package contains the Motorola T325 in-car speakerphone, a microUSB car charger and a printed Quick Start Guide.

Technical Specs:
-Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR
-Profiles supported: Hands-Free, Headset, Phone Book Access and A2DP
-Claimed talk time: Up to 17 hours
-Claimed standby time: Up to 2.5 weeks
-Size: 3.27 x 3.27 x 0.94 inches
-Weight: 3.38 ounces
-AC adapter: In-car charger


Price: $79.99

Web site:





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