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PDA Case Reviews: PDair Leather and Hard Cases

Dell Axim X5 leather flip case by PDair, Price: approx. $32.00 US
By Tony Peak, December 2003

Size & Fit

Most Axim X5 users are used to bulk and PDair's leather flip case is really no exception. With thick unflexible top and bottom covers and two hard plastic holds in the center, it's quite large in size with or without the Axim itself. It fits easily in a coat pocket or slacks, but you'll never fit this into the pocket of jeans unless they're very loose. Like the Axim itself however, this bulk may not be a bad thing for all users. Personally I really like how it's completely solid even though it's leather, and how sturdy it feels.


The design of this case really intrigues me. Rather than the standard leather hold and flip cover, it has two solid leather "plates" of sorts that sandwich the Axim from the front and back to keep it safe. The Axim itself is held in place by two plastic grips that grab it from the sides, leaving the entire Axim completely open. I've always been a fan of the "naked" feel you get when using a device without a case, and this is the first case I've seen that can give that feeling. By supporting the device from the sides and from the back, you get a completely open device.

Features & Quality

You might think the Axim would be in danger of sliding out of the plastic holds, but it feels quite secure and the leather strap and magnetic snap on the bottom help insure it won't fall out while in your pocket. The magnets hold the metal snap tight in the groove and makes for pretty easy but secure opening and closing. It's a really nice touch. The top flips around easily out of the way during use, and the solidness of the front and back feel like they'll both last a long time and protect the device well. The plastic holds feel quite solid; I don't feel they're in any danger of coming loose. The headphone jack is completely unobscured by a large U shaped opening in the top. The top cover also has three standard credit card pouches, and comes with a fabric insert with clear cover for photo ID that rests on top the device.

The only issue one might have is that even though the sides are completely open, the record button and the soft reset button are both blocked by the plastic holds. While it's a very simple matter to slide the device up a bit and reset it, it's still a small hassle and you couldn't do it while closed if you needed to. Also, I found the insert to be very inconvenient and quite possibly easy to lose. Thank goodness it's simply an optional insert and not built into the case itself. It rests in one of the credit card slots and folds up and against the top flap nicely, but there's nothing to hold it there. This means you have to flip it out of the way and under your thumb every time you open the case.


So long as you don't mind the size of the case, it's one very solid choice. If you like the Axim because of its sturdiness and solid feel, this may be the type of case for you. It has a nice hard leather feel without being as rigid and inflexible as a metal case. If you like the feel of your device without leather cases surrounding it and sometimes blocking the buttons, this case will be in your favor. It's a great case for gamers as the back is very sturdy to hold and the design leaves the device completely open. Personally, I think it's great. I use it over my soft leather case whenever I have a jacket pocket that can hold it.

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PDair Dell Axim X5 case

3 Cases for the Sony Clié TG50 by PDair

By Korey Marciniak, December 2003

PDAir offers a few different cases for Sony's TG50, and in this review I'm going to look at three different case options. I'll be looking at a black leather horizontal flip-type case, a black leather vertical flip-type case, and a metal hard case.

First off is the horizontal flip-type, or book type case. From the first time I opened the package I noticed it was a quality product. The TG50 snapped into the case without any issues, and it fit well. The style of the case is simple, and uses a magnetic snap closure on the right to keep it securely closed. Inside the case there are a few different pockets for credit cards, business cards, and anything else you may need to bring with you. Overall the case is solidly designed and executed. It has a clean and understated look to it, and didn't stand out from its surroundings as many of the gaudier cases do.

The second case I tested out is a vertical flip-type case, and it shares a similar design to the horizontal flip-type case; this comes as a blessing, since it means this case possesses the same fit and quality as it's horizontal compatriot. The TG50 snaps in the same way, and uses the same magnetic snap closure to keep it closed. The vertical flip-type case also has the same pockets as the horizontal version. I also couldn't help but notice that the magnetic snap closure actually seems to be on the wrong side. That's a minor compared to the plusses of the quality, style, and fit of the case, but it's important to note it nonetheless.

The third and last case tested is a metallic hard case; It's a very different style from the soft cases, but still retains the quality and fit as the others. Placing the TG50 inside the hard case is a little more complex than the soft cases, and requires removal of the flip cover. The case has all the necessary slots to allow easy access to the TG50's buttons, and the look of the case suits the styling of the TG50 perfectly. The cover included looks almost identical to the TG50's original case sans the logo on it.

Using the keyboard while in the case is difficult at best, and it made me want to take the PDA out each time instead of leaving it in the case. But that's a minor issue, and it is hard to find a hard case that allows you to easily attach a keyboard.

Overall I was most impressed by the horizontal flip-type case; it's style, fit, and quality made it easy to use on a regular basis. The vertical flip-type is a nice alternative, but it doesn't offer any major advantages so it's really up to a personal aesthetics decision. The three cases all possess attention to detail and solid build quality, but some minor issues prevent them from being the perfect case solution.

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Horizontal Case

Leather Vertical Case


PDair hard case for TG50

Hard Case




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