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Piel Frama Leather Case for the Treo 750, and Treo 755p and Treo 680

Posted June, 2007 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief

We've reviewed many Piel Frama cases in the past, and their quality and style is unfailing. Their leather, or "cow skin" for the Treo 680, 750, 750v and Treo 755p is no exception. It fits like a glove and protects the Treo from scratches, bumps and general altercations with sharp-edged purse and briefcase contents. The case adds little bulk and is slimmer than Piel Frama's older cases, yet it seems to protect just as well. The high quality leather dresses up the Treo, and the case is available in six colors (black, tan, black & tan, red, green and blue). The red, green and blue colors are zingy while the black and tan cases are more traditional and sedate.

Piel Frama Treo 750 case
Piel Frama Treo 750 case


The case has cut-outs for all Treo controls as well as the loudspeaker, camera lens, IR and sync ports. You can sync via USB cable while the Treo is in its case as well as charge the phone. There is no opening for the Mini SD card door, so you will have to take the Treo out of the case to access the card slot. The volume controls are covered by clear plastic, making it easy to see and operate them while keeping them clean and helping the case to fit snuggly.

As always with Piel Frama cases, inside on the back there's an embossed Piel Frama logo with a statement that the case has been handmade.

Piel Frama Treo case


Two SD card pockets live inside the front flap and they do not contact the screen when the Treo is in the case. A business card pocket resides beneath the SD card pockets.

Piel Frama Treo case


A concealed magnetic located on the flip's tongue holds the case shut, and is easier to open and close than a traditional snap, and is silent unlike velcro. The case has a removable belt clip and Piel Frama includes a tiny wrench and hole cap should you wish to remove the belt clip mount from the case. There's an ABS insert under the flip for additional screen protection.

Piel Frama Treo case

At 60 Euros (approximately $80US), the case isn't cheap, but if you're after the look of luxury in a handmade Spanish leather accessory for the Treo, the the price might just be right.

web site:

Price: 60 Euros (approximately $80US)





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