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SCOTTEVEST Microfleece Pullover

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Reviewed June, 2008 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor


SCOTTEVEST is a pioneer in techno clothing. They make ultimate "geek" shirts, jackets, vests and pants that infuse high quality clothing material with a gadget-carrying design. The flagship men's jackets and shirts look good; and they don't advertise that you are a squint because no matter how many gadgets you are carrying they disappear once you put them in the pockets. The design and colors will please the Eddie Bauer and J.Crew crowd. We look at the SCOTTEVEST Microfleece Pullover in black.


Clothing First

SCOTTEVEST Microfleece is a lightweight, soft fleece that's comfortable to wear. It has a clean design that looks sharp yet subtle. The fabric is super soft and a thicker, soft isolation layer lines the inside of the pullover. You only see two front pockets with zipper closures on the Microfleece and there is a sturdy neck zipper that has very smooth action. In the back of the fleece, you will find ventilation eyelets that are common in windbreakers and fleece which will keep you dry and cool. We are glad to see that the sleeves on the Microfleece are long enough to fit people with long arms. The only thing that we find a bit annoying is the fabric of the fleece is super staticky. It attracts any featherweight objects and gives out light jolts when you touch other people.


Pocket Heaven

SCOTTEVEST clothing isn't shy about adding pockets to your shirts, jackets, coats and vests. In fact there are so many pockets on some products, you will rely on the queue cards in these pockets to understand what each stores. Luckily the Microfleece only has 5 pockets and they are just enough of them to fit just the right stuff. The front bottom pocket is regular sized and has magnetic closure and a key holder that's extendible so you can use your key or keycard without taking it off the key holder. The front top pocket is smaller but it has another pocket inside of the pocket. The top pockets have built-in MP3 wire holes where you can put your wired headset through. The wire headset will come out through the collar loops and you can listen to your MP3 player without taking it out of the pocket.


There is a large front pocket that's hidden in the inner lining and runs almost cross in front of your stomach. The pocket is not only wide but also tall, and can fit a 16 oz. water bottle that's standing up straight. You can store almost anything in this pocket and since it's behind the lining, your stored items won't show through the fleece. There is a small cone-shaped pocket on the right side of the large front pocket (when you are wearing the fleece) that's designed for storing sunglasses.

A Perfect Layer

Microfleece is one of the most flexible pieces of clothing in the SCOTTEVEST product line, and it's suited to any season except summer in hot climates. The fleece is very comfortable to wear and has perfect number of pockets for jogging, hiking or a round of golf. For about the same price you can buy a J.Crew fleece that looks pedestrian and has none of the SCOTTEVEST techno functionality-- the Microfleece is a no-brainer for a gadget lover. The Microfleece comes in black, olive green and dark brown.

Pro: Quality material, roomy and comfy to wear. 5 pockets serve the right purpose for hiking, jogging and many more occasions. Has PAN (Personal Area Network) (not the Bluetooth kind, but SCOTTEVEST's term for device interconnection compartments), magnetic closure, collar loops and other SCOTTEVEST trademark features.

Con: The material is super staticky.


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Price: $60





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