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Seidio INNODock Desktop Cradle for the Treo 650

Review posted September 2005, by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor

It's a wonder why Palm shipped the Treo 650 smartphone without a sync/charge cradle. Maybe it's a cost factor; maybe they projected the user base would be happy to sync and charge via included cables and carry less bulky accessories on the road. But one thing is clear, Palm's own accessory store can't keep enough Treo 650 in stock to meet the demand. Luckily third-party accessory vendors such as Seidio offer alternative cradles that sometimes add even more bells and whistles to the standard cradle.

Along with the standard desk cradle for the Treo 650, Seidio offers the INNODock cradle that allows users to charge and sync their Treo 650 via USB connection to their desktop machines. The INNODock cradle comes in a round shape and in three different colors (blue, white and silver). In the front of the cradle, you will find the Treo 650 sync/charge connector, a power LED and a HotSync button. On the back, you will find the USB sync/charge port and a 3.5 mm stereo audio out jack.

The connector where your Treo 650 can be plugged in has a springy flexible action. This allows you to sync and charge the smartphone without taking out of most of its case. Most of the cases for the Treo 650 should fit, except the Vaja i-Volution cases where the ABS padding is too thick to fit in the INNODock cradle. Once it's connected to the cradle, your Treo 650 sits securely. Like the standard cradle, the INNODock offers a HotSync button on the front. When you need to sync your Treo, just push the button and launch HotSync application.

The INNODock charges the Treo 650 via a USB cable and the charging time is very reasonable. It will keep charging even if your desktop (but not notebook in most cases) computer is shut off. The cradle has a standard stereo 3.5 mm headphone jack. This means you can plug in a set of stereo headphones or a pair of self-powered speakers to listen to music. Seidio says that you can also plug in a headset with mic to talk hands free, but we were unable to test this since our headsets are the standard 2.5 mm size. The sound quality via the stereo headset and speakers is good.


A stylish cradle that's also compact and easy to carry with you on the road. The design allows you to sync and charge the Treo 650 without taking out of the case (except Vaja i-Volution line). USB charging means you can leave your charger at home. The stereo audio output is a nice touch for users who listen to MP3 on their Treo 650.

Price: $39.95

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