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Skooba Satchel 2.0 Luxe

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Reviewed June 20, 2008 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief

I’ve used several cases made by RoadWired over the years and have always liked them. Aside from their sturdy build, I enjoyed the “geeky-ness” of their case designs that have the gadget laden road warriors in mind. RoadWired's evolution to the new Skooba Design company has added an infusion of hip and jazzy styling that takes their bags from geek to chic. Don't worry: the bags still feature lots of "just perfect" compartments-- the kind that tell you their designers spend plenty of time on the road with a large collection of current gadgetry. And they're sturdy in the right places, keeping your tech kit safe.

Skooba Satchel notebook bag

The bag measures 16.75"L x 12"H x 6"D.

Today we're looking at the Skooba Satchel 2.0 Luxe. Ours is gray and pink with an ultrasuede finish and nylon accents. But have no fear guys and androgynous types there are plenty of other color combos to choose from if you go with the non-Luxe more traditional nylon-canvas finish Skooba Satchel. This relatively light 2.75 lb. bag can hold a small army of items including a 17" notebook, yet it's slim and not at all bulky. And the hardware is top notch with smooth-action heavy duty zippers, really beefy nickel-plated strap mounts with dog-clip quick releases and sturdy metal bottom feet that keep your bag's ultrasuede out of the latte puddles at Starbucks.

Skooba Satchel notebook bag


The Satchel Luxe can hold 17" notebook up to 15"L x 10.375"H x 2" in an isolation compartment that features Skooba's egg crate-like patented Air Square protection system. These are hundreds of air-filled cells that keep the machine safe from jars, bumps and minor dumps. Now, this isn't a hard notebook case, so don't plan on any James Bond antics; but it's more than adequate for commutes, a day on campus and carry on trips through the airport. The ultrasuede is impressively hardy and showed no marks after our long fingernails raked it, nor did it suffer when bounced around with other luggage in the car trunk. Since the bag is a very light gray, it may darken or show dirt over time, but in the month it spent with us, it never looked less than new.

Skooba Satchel notebook bag

Besides notebooks of the computer kind, there's a compartment for the old-fashioned tree-based kind. Or file folders, or sales literature-- whatever you need to haul. In the RoadWired spirit, there are also compartments for all the bits and pieces of the digital life: CDs, DVDs, cell phone, pens, business cards, cables and the like. This isn't one of those bags that just holds a notebook and a file folder. Each compartment has sufficient padding and isolation that everything should stay safe and you won't find your cell phone has snuck in with your notebook charger just because you bounded friskily to the bus.

And Skooba knows you don't want to go thirsty after chasing that bus, or train or plane. So there's a clever side zipper compartment with a mesh nylon hold that pops out to hold your water bottle or (ahem, recloseable) soda bottle.

Skooba Satchel notebook bag

The bag has strong handles and a removable shoulder strap with a shoulder pad that also uses the Air Square cushiony stuff. Comfy, even for the bony-shouldered. There's a back zipper compartment so you can quickly get out your plane tickets, wallet or ID without having to tear through all the contents of your bag's inner life.

The Skooba Satchel 2.0 Luxe lists for $107.95 and it's available online direct from Skooba as well as luggage and notebook bag retailers.


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Price: $107.95





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