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PDA Case Review Roundup: Cases for the Sony Clié UX40 & UX50: Surplus PDA, Krusell and PDair
Posted May 2, 2004 by yOyOYoo

Surplus PDA Power Charging Leather Case

The biggest problem with all of the UX cases is that the UX needs to be removed from the case in order to be charged, due to the design of the charge cradle. This can be a bit annoying especially when using a leather book style case that snaps onto the bottom of the UX with plastic nubs.

The charge case is very appealing because it allows the UX to be charged while still in the case! The bottom of the case has pins that connect with the charge port on the bottom of the UX. The case has a connector for the USB sync. Plug in the USB cable to charge the Clie while it’s attached to the case.

The case is very slim and doesn’t add much bulk to the UX at all. The leather is very thin. This case is slightly slimmer than both the Brando case and the PDair case. There are two memory stick slots as well as a large slot for putting money inside the top cover. The hinge part of the case has a cutout so you can use the UX camera while still in case. The case has a magnetic button closure.

A minor gripe I have is that when the UX is in the case, the stylus is a bit difficult to take out. The corner of the case gets in the way. It would have been nice if there were a cutout like the PDair case.

The fit of the case is perfect. It eliminates the need for the cradle charger and charges the UX quite quickly, though not as fast as the cradle and AC charger. Now I can leave the charge base at work for emergency use and constantly keep my UX in the case at all times. All in all it’s an excellent case that is sure to be a keeper for me!


- Can really charge while the UX50 is in the case!

- 2 memory stick slots and a card pocket

- Very slim, doesn't add too much bulk

- Speaker output and reset pin easily accessible while UX is in case


- I would prefer to use the AC adapter cable instead of the USB cable to charge

- The USB cable cannot charge and HotSync the Clie at the same time

- Stylus is a bit difficult to take out since there is no cutout in the leather

$32.90, Surplus PDA




Surplus PDA Clie case


Surplus PDA case

Krusell Case

When I first saw this case I was surprised how small and thin it was compared to all of the other UX50 cases I’d tried. It reminded me of my old Vaja I-volution case that I was using with my NR70V. The leather is very slim and durable and hugs the UX very snuggly.

Another thing that surprised me about the case was all of the included accessories. The back of the case has a clip attachment that Krusell calls the “multiadapt”. Five different belt clip options are included with this UX case, which I will get into a bit later.

The Krusell case comes in two parts: a slip on case for the bottom half as well as a slip on case for the top half. Both halves of the case are held together by a button closure. It is initially a little difficult sliding UX into the case, maybe because this case is very new and the leather is still stiff. Hopefully it should loosen over time. The outside of the case is made of nice leather. Inside, the UX is held down by a clear plastic piece that covers the entire keyboard on the bottom half of the case, and 3 strips of clear plastic that cover the corners of the screen side for the top half of the case. The reset pin and speaker holes are easily accessible on the bottom of the case.

When the UX is inside the Krusell case, there is barely any difference in size. The case hugs the palm very tightly and adds practically NO bulk whatsoever. If you’re looking for protection for your UX and want the slimmest case available, the Krusell is IT. Construction is rock solid and it offers a very tight fit. A nice metal Krusell emblem is located on the outside cover.

With the slim profile comes a couple of quirks:

The bezel of the UX is not protected at all and may be easily scratched.

Since there is a giant clear plastic piece covering the entire keyboard, this makes typing a bit difficult. The keys are thus not as easy to press down, though you may grow accustomed to it after a while. I’m just glad that they left a cutout for the jog dial. However the Back button and the 3 application buttons are covered by the plastic as well.

Another noticeable quirk is that the UX50 cannot be used in tablet mode easily. In order to use the UX in tablet mode, one must pull off the tight fitting upper half of the case from the screen section. This does not bother me as I almost exclusively use my UX in clamshell mode and never use it in tablet mode.

Some might complain that this case does not offer extra card or memory stick pockets, but in Krusell’s defense, adding extra pockets would also add extra bulk to the case. I prefer the slimness of the case without these extra pockets.

Krusell’s “multiadapt” system offers five different belt options: a belt loop, 3 belt clips and a swivel clip. You are not limited to one option only. These clips are easily interchangeable with the Krusell"multiadapt" system. Simply slide the attachment off and snap in a new one. This is the most flexible system for a case that I have seen and other case makers should take note.

In conclusion if you’re looking for the slimmest case with no frills available for the UX, look to Krusell.


- Super thin, slimmest UX case available

- Flexible belt clip options


-No protection for back of bezel and camera.

-Difficult to use in tablet mode

-Difficult to type with the plastic over the keyboard

-Can't charge unit while in case

Price: $20 (price may vary depending on which reseller you purchase from)





Krusell Case for UX50

PDAir Case

The PDair leather book case is a very professional and classy looking case. The leather is very soft and supple and the white contrasting stitching adds even more to making this case look very business-like. The UX snaps into the case with the four plastic nubs that clip onto the bottom of the UX. The plastic clips look very durable and I don’t think they will be likely to break. Once snapped on the UX is held very securely into the case and will not fall off.

There are two Memory Stick slots inside the case as well as three card pockets. Though the pockets add a decent amount of bulk, they’re very handy. I have been carrying my identification as well as some money in the PDair case, which is convenient since I can just leave the wallet at home.

The bottom right hand corner of the case is cut back to allow for easy access to the stylus, which is a nice little touch.

The back of the case has cutouts for the speaker as well as the reset hole. There is also a cutout for the camera so that one can use the camera while in the PDair case. The case uses a flap with a magnetic button to close.

In conclusion, the PDair case is a very stylish and practical case for the UX. It is very well crafted. It does add a bit of bulk but the trade off is that it also does offer two memory stick slots as well as three card slots.


- Nice supple leather with classy white stitching

- 2 memory stick slots, 3 card slots

- Reset pin and speaker output easily accessible

- Can use camera while in case


- Case does add a bit of bulk

Price: $32,, available from Brando


PDair Sony Clie case


PDair case

My finger is touching the removable ID holder insert




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