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PDA Case Review Roundup: Cases for the Toshiba e800/e805: Vaja, Piel Frama and Covertec
By Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief

Vaja TO31 Classic Flip Top Case with Ultraclip

Vaja, known for making top of the line leather cases for PDAs, now offers their Classic Flip Top case for the Toshiba e805. You can read our general review of several of their cases for other PDAs here. They use top quality leather that's aromatic and supple.This case sells for US $58.90 with a belt clip, and $54.90 without a belt clip. Customizations such as cover cushioning, embossed leather and monogramming are available for additional fees. We received the Classic Flip Top in brown and tan (Tan Aniline, pantone 483C and Savia Floater, Pantone 480C). Vaja cases are available in a variety of appealing colors, and all are assigned a Pantone number for color exactness and to facilitate color matching with other items.

The Classic case for the e805 features smooth leather sides and back, with a pebble grained front cover. This is particularly striking when you go with a two color case, but the single color cases benefit from the accent afforded by the textures. The smooth leather is extremely tightly grained, soft to the touch but firm and thick enough to protect your PDA. The inner surfaces come in matching smooth leather, including the inside of the cover facing the PDA. The cover and rear panel are quite rigid, while the sides are made of thinner and softer leather so you can easily get the PDA in and out of the case.

The case has a snap closure. I prefer magnetic closures since they're quiet and make it easier to close the case. The metal belt clip post is thick and strong, and is well-mounted into the leather-- it should be extremely durable. The Ultraclip snaps firmly onto the post and locks in place securely. A release button allows you to remove the clip.

Inside the flip cover you'll find 2 slots for SD cards, and two slots for business or credit cards. The cover is designed to avoid cards making accidental contact with the screen, though as with all cases, if you squeeze the unit while in the case or jam it in a tight pocket, it's possible that the cards could make light contact with the screen. However, modern glass LCDs are quite durable so I wouldn't worry too much about leaving marks on the display. The cover is rigid and has an ABS insert. Vaja has a cushioned cover option which adds a layer of foam rubber to the cover's inner core.

The Vaja case has cutouts for the sync port (you can sync and charge via cable but not cradle), the charging port, IR window, hold switch, jog dial, record button, reset hole and headphone jack. The leather wraps around the sides and bottom of the unit, and wraps just a bit around the edges of the front face. It's quite open so you'll have easy access to all front buttons, display, LED and speaker. All in all, the case is very intelligently designed and will not get in the way of using your e805.

If you're looking for a great selection of colors, quality construction and great looks from a company you can trust, do check out Vaja. Their cases are handmade in Argentina, and most are available within two weeks of order date.



Vaja case
Vaja case

vaja PDA case

Piel Frama Case

Piel Frama is always on my short list for leather PDA cases. Located in Spain, a country that's well known for leather-making, Piel Frama offers a wide selection of cases for many PDAs and mobile phones. You can read our general review of many of their cases for other PDAs here.

We received their cow skin leather model for review, which sells for 60 Euros (~$67 US). The case is also available in crocodile or ostrich (cow skin on the inside) for 90 Euros (~$99 US). The cow skin case is available in black, tan and black and tan. The leather is of excellent quality and is tightly grained and aromatic. Unlike some other Piel Frama cases, the Toshiba e805 case has a snap rather than a magnetic closure. The stitching matches the back and sides of the case and contrasts with the front cover, which is very attractive.

The case's cover and back are reasonably rigid, offering good protection for your Toshiba. The inner surface of the back panel has cushioning which will help protect your PDA from bumps and jars. The sides are made of thinner soft leather and the Piel Frama has the snuggest fit of all the cases we reviewed for the Toshiba. All inner surfaces are extremely soft and smooth, won't scratch your PDA. The leather section which connects the cover to the case is very supple, making it easy to flip open the case and keep the cover behind the unit for easy use. There are cutouts for the headphone jack, reset hole, sync and charger ports, IR window, hold switch, jog dial and record button. The front of the case is quite open, and it doesn't get in the way of the buttons, speaker or LED. The case will protect your Toshiba without getting in the way of using it.

Inside the flip cover there are 2 SD card slots, 3 credit card slots and a larger slot that can hold money, receipts and etcetera. The flip has enough play so that the cards won't be pressed against your e805's screen, unless you squeeze it into a tight pocket.

If you're looking for a high quality case made in fine quality leather, put Piel Frama on your short list. The case adds relatively little bulk while providing good protection and easy access to the e805's buttons and ports.


Piel Frama iPAQ 2215 leather case

Piel Frama case

Piel Frama case


Covertec Case

Covertec makes very attractive and elegant cases at reasonable prices. Their Toshiba e805 case sells for US $39.95 and looks like a top quality case. The case is available in black, tan and red. We received the red case which has a lovely light tan interior. All cases are overstitching in a contrasting color and feature Covertec's WIPS belt clip system. This belt clip system is great for those folks who sometimes need to wear the unit on their belt, and prefer to go "clipless" at other times. Unlike other beltclip cases, the Covertec case doesn't have a large protruding metal post and removeable plastic clip. The clip mounting area is nearly flush with the case, and you'll use the included screwdriver to attach the belt clip when you need it.

The case is finished in medium-fine grained leather with white contrasting stitching. The inner areas that directly contact the Toshiba are super-tight grained smooth leather that won't scratch the PDA. The back and front of the case are very rigid yet thin, and should offer great screen protection. This is one of the least bulky cases for the e805. Unlike the other cases in this review, the Covertec case is very open on the sides. The Toshiba slides into a pouch which covers the bottom third of the unit. It wraps securely around the e805, and inner elastic ensure the unit stays in place. Since the leather extends more around the lower front face of the PDA than do the other cases, Covertec has provided six speaker holes on the front clustered directly above the speaker. Though the case surrounds the buttons, I didn't have any trouble using them or playing games. Good design!

A 1" band of leather on each side helps to hold the PDA in place, and these areas are the only ones covering the sides of the e805. I like the open design because it adds less bulk, makes it easy to get the unit in and out of the case, and doesn't obscure side controls. Well, there's one exception: the reset hole is blocked by the case, but it is easy enough to side the e805 up to gain access to the hole. If you tend to carry your Toshiba is a bag full of other items, or leave it bumping around in a briefcase, you may not want to have the sides so exposed, but if you carry it in your coat pocket, a dedicated purse compartment and etc., it should offer adequate protection.

The Covertec case features a magnetic closure that I absolutely love. The closure has a loop design the helps you to easily line and close the case. The inner flap has 2 SD card slots, and 4 credit card slots. The leather connecting the cover to the body of the case is very supple, making it easy to open the cover and use the PDA with the cover flipped over the back. The cover has sufficient play and a slightly bowed design which will prevent cards from touching the screen (as with all cases, if you squeeze it or jam it in a tight place, some contact is probably inevitable).

Covertec cases are available for order in most countries, and you can visit their web site to see the complete selection available for order. Their cases are affordable, classy and won't add a lot of bulk to your PDA.



Covertec case
Covertec case

Covertec case



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