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Vaja Classic Slim Retro Jacket for the Sony Vaio P

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Reviewed September, 2009 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief

The Sony Vaio P, smaller and prettier than any netbook, is about two things: extreme portability and extreme style. So you probably want something more classy than Sony's own zippered nylon bag for your piano-gloss, model-slim Lilliputian notebook. Vaja, maker of luxury leather cases from Argentina (a place where folks know their leather), has your sexy Vaio P covered. The Vaja Classic Slim Retro Jacket may be wordy but it's thin and handsome. The $120 all-leather case is Vaja's most affordable for the Vaio P but it's by no means cheesy. The leather is supple and smells sweet, the colors are rich and durable and the case has held up well under months of use.

Vaja case for Sony Vaio P

Vaja case for Sony Vaio P

As with most Vaja cases, you'll select from a very wide variety of colors and it takes them 25 days to make your case. This is a two-tone case with a stripe on the outside and and inner leather line that matches the stripe color. The leather has some rigidity-- it's not pliable as a pair of gloves, so it holds its shape and offers protection from scratches and minor bumps. If you're worried about major bumps then Vaja's $180 to $220 ivolution Suit models are a better solution since they are rigid cases with ABS plastic sandwiched inside leather.

Vaja offers customization in the form of a graphic or text on the back of the case. So you can have your name embossed, your company logo or anything you wish.

Vaja case for Sony Vaio P


Pro: Beautiful, excellent selection of colors, unique look. Good scratch protection.

Con: Not a good case if you need padding to protect from serious bumps, thumps and harsh rides in a briefcase or backpack.


Price: $120

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