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Accessories for the Sharp Zaurus C760 & C860
- posted April 2004 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief

• Cases: Extreme Limit, PDair and Xigma
• Brando World Travel Charger
• PDair 3-in-1 Stylus
• Brando Retractable Sync & Charge Cable

Extreme Limit Body Suit for Zaurus C760 & C860

It's not often I go gaga over a case, but the Extreme Limit Body Suit is a very neat case. No wonder they can't keep it in stock! The looks are stunning, and let's face it, while most cases adequately protect our PDAs, the other reason we buy a case is for its good looks. We received the revised version of the Zaurus Body Suit, which replaces the older version that may still be pictured on Extreme Limit's site.

The case is made of black Italian leather and has a trendy, geek chic design that speaks of serious protection. The top and bottom covers are extremely rigid, and the outer faces have embossed ridges that add to the look of the case and provide grip holds. The case is overstitched in red and the top cover has a white Zaurus logo identical to that used by Sharp. All edges have a reinforced leather overwrap and there are cutouts to make it easy to access the CF slot and jog dial.

While most cases for clamshells open from the front, the Zaurus sits "backwards" in the Body Suit, which means you'll wrap the top cover under the unit to use the PDA. I'm not terribly fond of this, though it is easy enough to wrap the top cover under. While the other two Zaurus cases in our review require that you remove one of the snap-on plastic extended battery cover retainers, the Extreme Limit case does not. Removing that piece is easy enough, but when it's not in place the battery cover is a bit loose which is annoying if you also use the Z out of the case. Good going, Extreme Limit!

Inside the flip cover you'll find 2 slots for SD cards, and two slots for business cards, credit cards or CF cards. There's also a large pocket where you can stow cash or papers. There's a spare stylus holder in the spine area and all inner surfaces other than the card holder area are covered with a soft fabric. The case has a large tongue and loop closure.

Your Zaurus is held in place by raised metal reinforced surrounds that firmly cover the edges of the bottom clamshell. You can bend these to adjust the snugness of the case. All ports and slots are unblocked for easy access.

While this case is a bit bulkier than the other two in this review, it does offer great protection, excellent rigidity and a lot of style. Price ~ US $75, 8050 Japanese Yen



Extreme Limit case


Body Suit case



Extreme Limit case for Zaurus C860

PDair Leather Case

PDair makes affordable quality leather cases for a variety of PDAs. You can read reviews of several PDair cases for other PDAs here. The case is made of medium grain leather and comes in black with white overstitching. Despite the low $29 price tag, the case looks like a high quality product and will add a touch of class to your Z.

It's a tad thicker than the Xigma case reviewed below thanks to the thin layer of padding inside both the top and bottom covers. The padding provides added shock protection, feels nice in the hand and adds relatively little bulk. The bottom cover is extremely rigid and the inner surface that touches the bottom of the Z is soft suede. The top cover is a bit less rigid but nonetheless stiff and well padded enough to protect the Zaurus even with the screen flipped open to portrait/tablet mode. A wide band of finished black leather joins the top and bottom covers, and the case has a belt and loop closure.

Inside the top cover you'll find 2 SD card slots, 3 credit/business/CF card slots and a large slot that is suitable for cash or other papers. The mid-grain finish is soft and smooth and won't scratch your Zaurus when closed in clamshell mode. All ports are easily accessible on the Z, but this is the only case in our roundup that doesn't have cutouts on the bottom cover for the CF slot and jog dial. Despite the lack of cutouts, it isn't terribly hard to use the CF slot or jog dial, but it would be nicer to have them.

The Zaurus is held firmly in place by plastic hooks that latch into holes on the bottom of the unit. You will need to remove one plastic clip that holds the extended battery cover in place. Don't lose this small clip! If you intend to use the Zaurus both in and out of the case, you may be annoyed by the small amount of play in the battery cover when the clip isn't in place.

PDair's Zaurus case is absolutely wonderful for the money. It looks like a much more expensive case, is made of well-finished leather and is quite protective. Its rigid padded covers should keep your Z safe in style.

Available from Brando Workshop for US $29:


PDair leather case


PDair case


PDair Zaurus C760  leather case



Xigma Case EXB-0606-03

Xigma, located in Japan, makes lovely leather cases for a variety of PDAs and they ship to the US. From their striking metallic leather case for the Sony Clie NZ90, TG50 and iPAQ 5000 series to their pastel cases and more staid designs, Xigma offers it all. Their case for the Zaurus C760 & C860 comes in all black, black and tan (which we received), brown, red white and even in pastel colors.

The case is finished in fine-grained cowhide leather with white contrasting stitching. The inner surfaces are cream colored tightly grained cowhide leather. The bottom of the case is very rigid yet thin, and the top is somewhat less rigid yet strong enough to offer great protection. The edges of the case extend about 1/4" beyond the Zaurus for added protection. There's a cut out for easy access to the CF slot and a smaller cutout for the jog dial.

A magnetic snap closure holds the case shut and a band of leather joins the top and bottom case planes. As with the Extreme Limit case, under the top cover you'll find 2 SD cards slots, 2 credit/business/CF card slots and a large slot where you can store cash or other papers. As with the PDair case, the Zaurus is held firmly in place by plastic hooks that latch into holes on the bottom of the unit. You will need to remove one plastic clip that holds the extended battery cover in place. Don't lose this small clip! If you intend to use the Zaurus both in and out of the case, you may be annoyed by the small amount of play in the battery cover when the clip isn't in place.

The Xigma case is the thinnest case in our roundup, adding little bulk to the PDA. Though it's thin, the rigid top and bottom covers and slight overhang should offer good protection for your Z. The case is attractive and sharp looking (no pun intended).

Xigma's English site is at Price ~ US $55, 5980 Japanese Yen

This case is on their Japanese site (they'll have a translated page for English shoppers soon).



Xigma case


Xigma Zaurus case


Xigma Zaurus C760 case

iPDA Retractable SyncCharger Cable from Brando

If you'd like to charge and sync your Z on the go via USB, the iPDA retractable cable offered by Brando Workshop will do the trick. The ribbon cables retract completely into the compact plastic housing for storage, with only the connectors extending from the housing. Fully extended the cable is almost 3 feet long. The Z syncs perfectly with this cable and is charged via USB. Since the Zaurus has a slow 1 amp charger and a large capacity battery, it isn't known for its quick charge times. The USB charger is decently quick to charge in comparison, not taking terribly long to bring the battery level up.

The iPDA cable is available from Brando for US $15:


sync cable

Micro Power Adapter for Zaurus from Brando

Our Zaurus C7xx machines come with a compact charger meant for Japan. Since we use the same prongs in the US, and have very similar voltage (100V for Japan at 50-60 Hz and 110V for the US at 60 Hz), the included charger works fine in the US. Charging circuitry can deal with a 10% variance in voltage levels, so we're still looking good. However, some folks worry about voltage mismatch, or more importantly need to use their Zaurii in Europe and other countries. The Micro Power Adapter from Brando Workshop is the answer. If you thought the Sharp EA-72 charger included with the C760 and C860 was compact, the Micro will surprise you because it's even smaller! This charger runs at the required 5V, 1 amp rating and supports input voltages from 100 to 240V at 50-60 Hz. In other words, it's incredibly small and works just about anywhere in the world. It supports the Zaurus SL- C860/C760/C750/C700/A300/B500 models.

The Micro Power Adapter is available from Brando for US $38:


Zaurus Charger
charger and Sharp Zaurus C860

PDAir 3 in 1 Stylus

We don't usually review styli, but the PDair sent us their stylus for the Zaurus C700/C750/C760 and C860 and I loved it. Sharp gives us an all-plastic lightweight stylus that's uninspiring (hey, it's still better than Sony's Clié styli). The PDair stylus has a metal shaft which adds weight, making it feel much better in hand. The well-polished plastic tip won't damage the Z's screen, and it unscrews to reveal a reset pin. Not that you need one for your Zaurus, but if you happen to also own a PPC it can come in handy . The tail end of the stylus is also plastic and you can pop it off to use the ball point pen hidden inside. Very nice.

Available from Brando for US $15:

stylus for Zaurus
PDair stylus
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