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Anycom Blue HS-700 Headset

Review posted Feb. 8, 2004 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor


Anycom is a big name in mobile Bluetooth products, and we've reviewed several of thier offerings. The Anycom Blue HS-700 headset is the lightest and smallest Bluetooth headset we've reviewed. For users who like to wear belt clip cases, Anycom provides a leather case that has a built-in belt clip and can act as a charging station as well.

The HS-700 headset has a very compact design with the earpiece measuring in at only 1.2” and the small boom at 1/3” long. Compared to the oval sharp of the Motorola HS810, the Anycom has more of a rectangular shape with curves at the end of the earpiece, making the boom look like an extension of the headset. The HS-700 has a silver finish with the boom in black color. The ear clip loops around and rests on top of your ear. Although the shape is very similar to the Motorola HS810, the ear clip on the Anycom headset is not user-adjustable, so you can only wear it on one ear (the review sample we received works only on the right ear). The HS-700 weighs only 15g. Once you put on this headset, you'll notice that it's so lightweight that it's easy to forget you're wearing it.

Instead of separate button, the Anycom Blue HS-700 has only one jog-dial style button that can function as volume control as well as start/end calls, mute/unmute controls. The economical button design fits the small size well. The included leather case is also very compact and comes with a belt clip. You can carry the headset in the case when you are not using it, and charge it using the connector in the case. There is an LED that indicates when the headset is fully charged. The headset comes with an international power adapter as well as the US standard power adapter.

Pairing with the Nokia 3650 and HP iPAQ 5555 is equally as easy as with other Bluetooth headsets tested in this round up. When you are not using the headset, it will go into standby mode. The voice quality is good in short range, but it deteriorates faster than both the Motorola and the Logitech Bluetooth Headsets we reviewed. You still can hear at 30 feet range, but the voice seems choppy with significant background noise. On the iPAQ 5555, the recording voice volume plays back much lower than the other two headsets.

The claimed 3.5 hour talk time seems on target in our test and we get about 4 days of standby time. The battery power seems comparable with the Motorola HS810, it doesn't come close to the Logitech's battery power.


Anycom HS-700 Bluetooth headset




The smallest and the lightest, the Anycom Blue HS-700 should be on your short list if you are looking for the most compact wireless headset. The dual profile support (Hands Free and Headset) will enable the headset to work with most of the Bluetooth phones. The one-button control for volume and other functions is easy to use. The voice quality is good as long as you keep your phone and the headset close enough. The small boom does make it easy to pick up noise and the range could be better. I do like the included case that has a belt clip, makes it easy to carry and charge the headset.

The package includes the HS-700 Headset, a leather case with belt clip that also functions as a charger, an A/C adapter including the US and International connectors and a multilingual user manual.

Price: $79.99,




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