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SD Cards
ATP Mini SD and SD cards High Speed 60x
Kingston Elite Pro 50x
Kingston Ultimate SD Cards 120x
PQI SD & mini SD High Speed
Ridata PRO 66x
SanDisk (Standard Speed)
SanDisk Extreme III High Speed

CF Cards
Butterfly Media
Delkin eFilm
Kingston Elite Pro High Speed
Ridata PRO 80x

Memory Stick / Memory Stick Pro

MMC Cards

RS-MMC Cards

PC Card Hard Drives
Toshiba 2 & 5 gig

Multifunction Drives
Ridata QuattroDrive

USB Flash Drives
Kingston DataTraveler Elite
Crucial Gizmo

Card Readers
Asante Gini 6 in 1
Crucial 6 in 1 Reader

Dazzle 6-in1 Reader
Proporta 7-in-1 Reader
Sandisk ImageMate Memory Stick Pro Reader

Card Cases

Handspring Springboard
MemPlug CF & MemPlug Smart Media’s Storage Card Cases

If you are anywhere near to being a gadget person, you will have a number of Memory Sticks for your Clie and digital camera, SD cards and CF cards for your Palm or Pocket PC PDA and batteries for your camera in your bag or pocket. The trouble is you might misplace these essential parts of your digital life because of their small sizes. Solution? provides cases for all these little things, making them organized and protected from damage or dust.

Memory Stick case

CardCaboodle closed.

Memory Stick case

CardCaboodle open

storage card jewel cases

They sell jewel cases like those above for most all kinds of cards.

Memory Stick Cases

For Memory Sticks, CardCaboodle and Triple Take are good choices to keep your Memory Sticks safe and easy to find. CardCaboodle is made of thick plastic with a contoured outer case and rubber liner inside. It holds 4 Memory Sticks in compartmentalized slots, so your Memory Sticks won’t slide around inside the case. It shuts with a secure latch and it’s about 2.63" x 2.50" x .75" when closed. The case design is sleek and colorful. You can get two-tone design with different colors on the outer case and the inside liner. If you only carry a couple of Memory Sticks with you, then check out the Triple Take cases. These are single Memory Stick cases that are made in thinner clear plastic compared to CardCaboodle cases, and designed to form fit for your Memory Sticks. The reason it’s called Triple Take is that you can also store a SD card or a MMC card as well. There are ribs on the edge of the case that will hold these cards in place.

SD/MMC, CF and PC Card Cases

There are quite a few good cases for each type of cards. The one we found most versatile is the Universal Field Pack. At size of 4.50" x 3" x .88", this case can store up to 4 CF cards and 1 PC card, up to 8 MMC cards with 1 PC card or 3 PC cards. The case is built with strong plastic with two rubber molded CF slots that will fit two Type II CF cards on the bottom and a PC card in the top slot.

If you just want to carry an individual PC card, then check out the Pocket Box and Open End Pocket Box for PC cards. These cases are made of clear Polystyrene and can hold 1 PCMCIA card each. The open ended case has a locking mechanism that will prevent the card falling out of the case accidentally and has a cut out at the mouth of the case for easy access to the card. The Pocket Box has a cover and retention fingers that helps prevent the card from falling out when you open the case.

If you only have small size cards such as SD cards or MMC, you can look at the CardCondo holder. These are not cases but plastic holders that you can slide 4 MMC or SD cards in and the holder will keep them in place securely. The design of the CardCondo is very simple yet quite effective and extremely portable. You can put it in your shirt pocket or strap it onto your camera or MP3 player via the strap cutouts.

universal card case

Universal Field Pack

Pocket Box for PC Cards

Open End Pocket Box

Battery Cases also has battery cases for AA, AAA, CR2 and CR123 batteries. These cases are made of strong clear plastic and lined with rubber pads inside in the forms to fit different batteries. The AA and CR2 cases can fit 8 batteries, the AAA cases can fit 12 and the CR123 cases can fit 6. The covers of these cases are clear, so that you can see what type of batteries are stored inside. The rubber padding on the bottom of the cases however have bright colors. The battery cases are shut with a latch and will keep your batteries secure without sliding.


These cases are made with sturdy plastic material that can stand bumps and scratches in your bag or pocket and to give your storage cards the protections from dust particles or even the damage from dropping. Once you’ve organized your cards in the cases or holders, you will not misplace them again. offers more cases than we mentioned here, so be sure to check their web site for complete selections.

Price: range from $5-$10
Web site:



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