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PDA Case Reviews: Krusell Leather Cases For Mobile Phones and PDAs

Krusell Leather Case for Nokia 3650

Krusell, a Sweden based company, has been making cases for mobile phones, PDAs, laptops and other portable equipment for over 10 years now. Even though they make products for many kinds of portable electronics, mobile phone cases make up 50% of their business. The two distinct features in their phone cases are a perfect fit and the unique Multidapt clip system. Their Classic Multidapt line is a great example, and we received the Nokia 3650 smartphone case from this line.

The Krusell case for the Nokia 3650 comes in black leather with multi-color clip options. The case has a perfect molded fit with leather casing to house the phone and clear plastic to cover the front of the phone. Since the case is built to have a perfect fit for the phone, it adds very little bulk to your handset. You can use the handset while in the case by pushing the buttons through the clear plastic cover. The case is shut with a small but fine zipper and there are cut-outs for the ports on the bottom of the phone, the speaker on the front, IR port on the side as well as the camera lens on the back of the phone. The handset ringing volume and talk volume aren’t muted while in the case.

On the bottom half of the leather casing in the back, you will find a thin Multidapt female clip adapter permanently installed, which will work with both the MiniClip and Slide Swivel Kit. These accessories come with the case. The MiniClip is thin yet sturdy clip that can be snapped on to thin belts, shirt pockets or a purse; and the Slide Swivel Kit is thicker version with a clip. To release the clips, use your stylus to hold down the release knob and slide your clip out. Krusell also offers bike holders, car holder kits and other types of clips. Check their web site for the complete list.

The leather feels soft and the stitching is nicely done. The cutouts leave everything you need to access exposed. The LCD is covered to prevent any scratches or damage. The Multidapt gives you plenty of options to carry the phone anywhere, but adds very little bulk to the handset. For the price, you will love all these features and feel that your phone is well protected. You can purchase this case from several online stores and local electronic and mobile phone stores.


List Price: $24.95
Krusell website:

Krusell leather case for Nokia 3650

back view of Krusell case





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