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Bluetooth Headset and Carkit Reviews

Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Posted Feb. 8, 2004 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor

(Logitech has revised this headset to Bluetooth 1.2, so newer headsets ship with BT 1.2. This was Logitech's first Bluetooth headset and is discontinued. See their newer products like the Mobile Traveler)


Logitech, known for its computer peripheral and accessory products, joins the mobile market with their new line of wireless products, one of which is the Mobile Bluetooth Headset. Even though this Bluetooth headset isn't the first one we have seen, it certain catches one's attention with its unique design and long talk/standby time.

The Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset has very different approach to charging and carrying the headset. The headset comes with a 5” x 2” carrying case that acts like a charging station. The headset can fold up and rest in the case as if sitting in a cradle. A connector on the case connects to the included AC power adapter and charges the lithium-ion battery in the headset. There is an LED inside the case, which can be seen through the clear plastic cover, that indicates headset charging status. The strong plastic case gives your headset very good protection when not in use.

The headset itself is on the larger side compared to other Bluetooth headsets. The disk that covers your ear is about 1.75” wide, which covers most of your ear. Above that you will find a volume control rocker and a multi-function button (start/end call, turn on/off headset, etc.) button on an extended arm that connects the disk and the ear clip. The adjustable ear clip has a very interesting design with two claw-like arms that lihgtly grip the back of your ear while centering the headset's weight in the middle. It works on either the left or right ear without any alteration. When the ear clips are in place, it feels secure and lightweight. Because there isn't anything that loops around the top of your ear, if you wear glasses, your headset ear clip won't fight for real estate with your glasses behind your ear. The 3” long boom connected to the end of the disk can be adjusted to any angle to line up with your mouth. The headset weighs about 1 ounce and it's just a hair heavier than all the other Bluetooth headset reviewed here.

Pairing the Logitech Bluetooth headset with a Nokia 3650 is painless, however in our test we experienced a couple of dropped connections between the headset and the phone. The headset supports both hands-free and headset profiles, and it works very well with the HP iPAQ 5555. The voice quality is very good and offers a range of 30 feet. The large ear cover provides good isolation from noise for calls, and the noise-canceling boom captures your voice volume and quality very well. The Logitech headset comes with a few foam microphone covers in case you are talking in very windy conditions. The volume controls and mute control are very responsive. The voice dialing function works well with the voice tags you have recorded on your phone.

Logitech Bluetooth headset



The 5-7 hour talk time in our test confirmed Logitech's claims. However the standby time has not performed to the 1 month as indicated on Logitech's web site. But even the 15-20 days of standby time we got in our test is still way ahead of the pack.


The unique charging case design goes well with the headset, making the Logitech a very attractive package. The claw earpiece makes the headset comfy and easy to put on. Great voice quality, easy to pair, long battery life and comfortable to wear should make it a very good choice for any mobile users. Those who are looking for smaller and more discreet wireless headsets might not like the size of the Logitech. The Logitech supports Hands Free and Headset profiles.

The package includes a Bluetooth v1.1 compliant cordless headset, a durable carrying case that doubles as a charging station, an AC power adapter and printed User's guide.

Price: $ 99.95,




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