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PDA Case Reviews: Piel Frama Fine Leather Cases

When you first see the box, you'll know this is a luxurious case straight from Spain (the folks who know leather!). Yummy! These are some of of my favorite cases. The leather is soft, aromatic and says "class". No Velcro here, the PDA slides into a custom-fit sleeve that fits like a glove and has openings for the sync port, charger port and audio port (if your PDA has audio). The snap closure won't leave everyone staring at you in a meeting (even rip open a velcro closure in a quiet room?). Their more recent cases have magnetic closures concealed under the leather- effective and very attractive.

There are pockets inside for credit cards, money and expansion cards. A removable bet clip is included that attaches to a permanent, unobtrusive grommet. The cases come in black and tan, and are also available in crocodile and ostrich.

In summer 2002, Piel Frama introduced a new case for the iPAQ with GSM sleeve. This is a welcome addition, as no other sleeved iPAQ case has the appropriate cut-outs for the antenna and etc. (pictured below). This is one lovely case, and is available in several colors!

iPAQ GMS sleeve case iPAQ GSM sleeve case interior



Sony Clie NX series case, with cutouts for WiFi card and speaker. Sony Clie SJ series case fits like a glove and has slots for Memory Sticks and business and credit cards.

Luxurious Case Line

Their Luxurious case line includes models in crocodile and ostrich with cow skin leather inside. The cases look classy and are well made with snap closures. They feature the same custom fit design and slots for storage and business/credit cards inside the flip as the standard case line. We received the crocodile case for the Toshiba e740/e750 which is pictured to the right. It features cutouts for the sync port (you can cable sync in case, but not cradle sync), headphone jack, speaker and the IR port. The jog dial, record button, power button and the LEDs are also accessible. Like all Piel Frama cases, this one fit our e755 like a glove and didn't get in the way of using the PDA.


Piel Frama cases are well padded and the flip cover is quite rigid. Despite this, they don't add a lot of bulk. They certainly do a great job of protecting your PDA, yet the leather is supple enough that the flip will open easily and stay behind the PDA when using it in the case.

I heartily recommend their cases, and I'd say that theirs and Vaja are at the top of the line in terms of protection, style, luxuriousness and quality.

Piel Frama cases are available for just about every PDA: iPAQ, iPAQ + sleeve, Toshiba and Toshiba e750 + extended battery, Casio E-200, Dell Axim, HP Jornada, Sony Clie, Palm m500 series, NEC, Audiovox, Pocket Loox, Nokia smartphones, Treo and many more. prices vary with model, generally 60 Euros for leather and 90 Euros for crocodile and ostrich.

Piel Frama leather case
Piel Frama iPAQ 3800 cases for naked iPAQ (shown in black) and wearing a PC card sleeve (shown in tan)

Piel Frama packaging

Classy packaging!

The Clie NX series case is above. This one is in two tone leather, but you can get other colors too. I really love Piel Frama's new Clie cases: beautiful fit and craftsmanship, and the new concealed magnetic enclosure is great!

Piel Frama e750 croc case Piel Frama Toshiba e740 case

Above is the case for the Toshiba e740 and e750 model in crocodile and cow skin, which is from their Luxurious case line.




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