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Bluetooth Headset and Carkit Reviews

Sony Ericsson HBH-60 Bluetooth Headset

Reviewed Feb. 2004 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor

More and more cell phones are coming out with Bluetooth. This makes wirelessly syncing to your computer, transferring files and interfacing with accessories possible. With Bluetooth headsets, you can answer your phone and make calls without even touching your phone or getting tangled up in wires. Very cool? Yes, as long as you’ve got the right profile!

In the world of Bluetooth enabled cell phones, there are two Bluetooth headset profiles, which will ultimately determine which headset you can use with your phone. The Handsfree profile is supported by many Sony Ericsson Bluetooth handsets and the Nokia 3650, while the Headset profile works with the rest of Bluetooth enabled phones. At the moment, only two Bluetooth headsets support Handsfree profile, one being the Nokia brand Bluetooth headset and the other one is Sony Ericsson HBH-60 reviewed here. We should see more choices soon: quite a few BT headset makers claim that they will come out with their own Handsfree profile BT headsets in the coming months.

Compared to the Nokia BT headset, Sony Ericsson’s HBH-60 is considerably smaller in size and is lightweight. This stylish headset combines black and silver colors, and is smaller than 3” with an ear hook that can be installed for either the left or right ear. The action keypad in the middle of the headset is very easy to access for accepting or ending calls. There are two volume buttons to adjust the ringtone or voice up or down.

The Sony Ericsson HBH-60 supports voice dialing, answer and reject incoming calls and has a connecting range to your phone of up to 30 feet. The voice quality through this headset is better than the OEM ear-bug wired headset. When we tested the range, 30 feet range seems very easy to achieve for this headset. Even though the headset does not need line of sight, the voice quality however does show degradation with walls and floors between your phone and the headset. Sony Ericsson claims the HBH-60 has 2.5 hours of talk time and up to 70 hours of standby. We found that the talk hour seems on target though the standby time seems shorter than 70 hours per charge.

Pairing up with the Nokia 3650 and Sony Ericsson P800 via Bluetooth was painless. Follow the instructions in the User’s Manual to charge the battery and turn on the headset. Press the call handling button with the unit off until the indicator light flashes red and green alternately, and you’re ready to pair with your phone. Once the connection between your phone and the headset is established, the light on the HBH-60 will be steady green. Now you are ready to use the headset. If you want to use the voice dialing, it’s a generally a good idea to record your commands using the headset instead of speaking to your phone directly.

Sony Ericsson HBH-60 Bluetooth headset

The HBH-60 supports the Hands Free Bluetooth Profile


The small lightweight design, stylish looks, good quality and easy pairing make the HBH-60 headset a big winner. While the ear hook makes it easy to wear the headset for long period of time, it does get in the way if you wear glasses. My solution is to put the headset on first, then my glasses. Not a perfect solution but works. The HBH-60 headset is currently compatible with the Sony Ericsson T68i, T610, P800, T39m and T68, and Nokia 3650. It comes with a charger and a black fitted carrying case.

Price: $159.95 One-Year Warranty

Sony Ericsson web site:



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