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Tekkeon ezTalker mini Bluetooth Headset

Review posted May 8, 2005 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor

Tekkeon is a newcomer in the mobile solutions space. Their product lineup includes Bluetooth headsets, power and battery solutions for the Apple iPod and other mobile devices. The ezTalker mini Bluetooth headset is the second generation design from Tekkeon and is very comfortable to wear. The ezTalker mini has the Windigo Bluetooth headset module, weighs 0.5 ounces and supports both Hands-free and Headset profile mobile phones.

The Tekkeon ezTalker mini comes in a small size at only 2.1 inches long. It's housed in a shiny black plastic casing with a silver and clear plastic cover on the front face of the headset. The clear plastic also functions as an LED that indicates power, battery status and pairing mode. There is a silver multi-function button that powers on and off the headset, puts the headset in pairing mode, initiates/ends/rejects calls and performs other phone functions. On the left side of the headset, there are two small silver buttons for adjusting the incoming call volume. There is a charging port on the top left side under a rubber door and you can charge the headset by plugging the AC adapter in the charging port. On the back of the headset, you will find an earpiece that's raised and molded to fit in your ear. The ezTalker mini package comes with several gel pieces that will seal the ear hole for maximum noise reduction and sound clarity. The earpiece design on the ezTalker mini is the most comfortable one among non-in-ear style headsets we've reviewed. Below the earpiece is the ear hook that can be installed for either left or right ear.

The ezTalker mini paired easily with all the devices we tested and supports both Hands-free and Headset profiles. We tested the headset with the HP iPAQ 6315 (Pocket PC Phone Edition), the palmOne Treo 650 (Palm OS smartphone), the Nokia N-Gage QD (Symbian Series 60 smartphone) and the Audiovox SMT5600 (Windows Mobile Smartphone). To pair the headset, hold the multi-function button until the LED flashes blue and amber alternately, find the headset on your device and use "0000" as the pass key to connect. The call transfer between the headset and the devices was quick and reliable: the headset rings almost simultaneously with the handsets when a call comes in. The only exception in the lot was the Treo 650 which delayed the headset ring for a few seconds after the phone rings. When you have an incoming call, you will hear a ring tone playing on the headset and you can answer the call by pressing the multi-function button. The headset also supports voice dialing, mute during calls, rejecting calls in addition to call transferring.

The voice quality is good on the Nokia and the Audiovox, only decent on the iPAQ and the Treo 650. There is some occasional crackling sound on the outgoing voice when using the iPAQ and Treo 650 making calls. The volume for the incoming and outgoing calls is good for all devices, but not terribly loud. It's certain more than good enough if you work in quite office but it needs to be a bit louder for environments like noisy restaurants or not very sound insulated cars. You can mute the outgoing voice during a call by pressing either volume buttons. However do be careful not to hold the button for too long since it could mute the call which I have done a few times by accident. You will hear a repeat beep sound if the call has been mute. You can hold either volume button for 3 seconds to un-mute. Land line test fared pretty well with good voice quality, good sound volume and no echoing effects hear on the other end of the call.

Tekkeon ezTalker Headset




The ezTalker mini has a sub-par range when compared to headsets such as Cardo's scala-500. The range between the headset and the iPAQ, the Nokia and the Audiovox can reach about 15 feet before the sound starts to crack and add artificial noise. The Treo 650 gets notoriously short range when working with 3rd party Bluetooth headsets and could only get about 8-10 feet at the best.

The ezTalker mini has a middle of the pack talk time and standby time. The claimed 5-hour talk time is almost on target in our tests where the headset lasted for 4-4.5 hours talk time. The standby time just made the claimed 120 hours. The headset has a charging port which connects to an AC adapter for charging. It usually takes about 2 hours to charge the headset when power runs low. You will get both visual notification (the LED flashes amber) and an audible warning (the headset will beep every 32 seconds) when the power is running low.


Pro: The ezTalker mini has the most comfortable design among the headsets that don't use the in-ear style like the Jabra BT250. It's small and lightweight. It pairs well with all devices and the voice quality is pretty decent. The battery life isn't the longest among the Bluetooth headsets we've seen, but it should satisfy most users. Good price!

Con: The range between the phone and the headset could be better. The volume buttons could trigger mute function too easily by accident.

Package contains the headset, power adapter, ezEarHook, two extra ezFit gel pads, the User Guide and a Quick Start card.

Price: $79.95 One year limited warranty.
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