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PDA Case Reviews: Xigma Leather Cases for the
- Metallic Case for Sony Clié NZ90, Clié TG50 and iPAQ 5450

Made by a company that puts its passion into finding the right balance between strong functionality and stylish design, Xigma leather cases provide stylish protection for your PDA. The new leather silver/black metallic cases for Clié NZ90, Clié TG50 and iPAQ 5450 are good examples of this balance between style and protection.

Available in both flip cover and side folding designs, the Metallic model cases are made in black leather with silver alphabet letters embossed on the exterior and a soft suede interior. The flip cover NZ90 case, which we received for the review, works similarly to most NR and NX series cases. You can slide your NZ90 into the case which surrounds the area just below the keyboard. The flip cover has a hard insert for better screen protection and has three slots including two Memory Stick slots and a long credit card/business card slot. The case has a magnetic snap closure, makes it easy to close the case securely and quietly.

You can use the NZ90 while in the case for both the flip cover and side folding models. All the ports and buttons on the side and top of the unit are exposed for easy access. Since the case doesn’t attach to the LCD half of the PDA, you won’t need to worry about getting the unit out of the cover when switching between clamshell and tablet mode. If you are one of those NZ90 owners who uses the Sony strap, you should be happy to know that there is a slight cutout curve on the back of the case to expose the strap mount. While Xigma’s Metallic case accommodates almost everything on your NZ90, it does not have a cutout or grill on the back for the speaker.

Xigma case and box

Even though the case doesn’t add much bulk to the NZ90, you will have to remove the PDA from the case to sync via cradle. The case comes in a very nice box, which makes it a great gift item. Other models of Xigma leather cases are available for Sony Clié NZ90, SJ33, TG50, NX70, NR70; iPAQ 5450, 3800; Palm m500/m505, Tungsten T; and some Toshiba, Casio, Handspring and HP Jornada PDAs. Check Xigma’s web site for the complete list.


With its silver letters on a black background, the case looks like the billboard for a Broadway play. While its design will turn a few heads, the good protection of your PDA and easy access to all your ports and camera will earn your satisfaction. The only drawback is that there’s no opening for the speaker. But all in all, the bold and in-your-face exterior and the soft cushy interior represent the perfect balance between the Ying and Yang.

Price: $69


Xigma Metallic leather case





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