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09/13/10 03:16 PM
Branded Motorola Droid

I have a friend who wants to give me his old Verizon branded Moto Droid, which he is no longer using. He has since purchased a I Phone and is now with AT&T. I currently have a Samsung Eternity and still have 1 more year left on my contract with AT&T. I dont know if the Droid is unlocked, but I do know he is past his 2 year contract with that phone. My question, is there anything I can do with the Droid? I'm pretty sure the phone isn't GSM since it's branded, but I've read there may be ways around that. Can I contact Verizon to get the unlock code for that phone and then just put my AT&T sim card in and start using it without skipping a beat? That would be nice, but I doubt it'll be that easy. What are my options, if any, with the Droid? Thank you in advance.

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